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NBA basketball betting has hundreds upon hundreds of games during the season. Their are a total of 30 teams participate in the NBA's Eastern and Western Conferences.

Each Conference is split into three divisions of five teams.

Division winners and the five teams with the best records during the regular season qualify for the NBA Series Playoffs with the eventual Conference winners advancing to the NBA Finals.

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NBA - Feb 23 

11:05 AM531Portland Trail Blazers+2-110 o229½-110 +110
532Philadelphia 76ers-2-110 u229½-110 -130
5:05 PM533Memphis Grizzlies---
534Cleveland Cavaliers---
5:05 PM535Indiana Pacers---
536Washington Wizards---
5:05 PM537Brooklyn Nets+2½-110 o227½-110 +120
538Charlotte Hornets-2½-110 u227½-110 -140
5:05 PM541Phoenix Suns---
542Atlanta Hawks---
5:35 PM543Detroit Pistons---
544Miami Heat---
6:05 PM545Boston Celtics-10½-105 o221-110 -570
546Chicago Bulls+10½-115 u221-110 +428
6:05 PM547Sacramento Kings---
548Oklahoma City Thunder---
6:35 PM549Houston Rockets---
550Golden State Warriors---