NBA First Quarter Odds - Basketball Second Quarter Lines

When it comes to betting the NBA, a lot of basketball bettors limit themselves to only thinking about which team will cover the spread on the whole basketball game, or whether the whole game will go over or under the total.

However, by limiting yourself to just the NBA odds on the games you are almost certainly missing out on profitable betting opportunities and you should really be looking at betting basketball quarters and NBA basketball halves.

NBA Quarter lines are becoming more and more popular each year and for those that love fast paced betting and quick results, NBA quarter betting lines are the perfect solution. With basketball quarter lines, you can literally bet on every quarter within a NBA game. Continue

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NBA - QUARTERS First Quarter Lines - Jan 20 

4:05 PM35011Q Charlotte Hornets+3-114 o56-106 -
35021Q Indiana Pacers-3-106 u56-114 -
5:05 PM35031Q Phoenix Suns+4½-115 o58½-105 -
35041Q Minnesota Timberwolves-4½-105 u58½-115 -
5:05 PM35051Q Los Angeles Clippers+3½-115 o57½-106 -
35061Q San Antonio Spurs-3½-105 u57½-114 -

NBA - QUARTERS Second Quarter Lines - Jan 20 

4:05 PM45012Q Charlotte Hornets+2-110 o55½-115 -
45022Q Indiana Pacers-2-110 u55½-105 -
5:05 PM45032Q Phoenix Suns+3-110 o57½-115 -
45042Q Minnesota Timberwolves-3-110 u57½-105 -
5:05 PM45052Q Los Angeles Clippers+2-110 o56½-115 -
45062Q San Antonio Spurs-2-110 u56½-105 -

NBA - QUARTERS Third Quarter Lines - Jan 20 

4:05 PM55013Q Charlotte Hornets+2-110 o53½-110 -
55023Q Indiana Pacers-2-110 u53½-110 -
5:05 PM55033Q Phoenix Suns+4-110 o57½-110 -
55043Q Minnesota Timberwolves-4-110 u57½-110 -
5:05 PM55053Q Los Angeles Clippers+2½-110 o53½-115 -
55063Q San Antonio Spurs-2½-110 u53½-105 -

NBA - QUARTERS Fourth Quarter Lines - Jan 20 

4:05 PM65014Q Charlotte Hornets+1-110 o52½-110 -
65024Q Indiana Pacers-1-110 u52½-110 -
5:05 PM65034Q Phoenix Suns+2-110 o56½-110 -
65044Q Minnesota Timberwolves-2-110 u56½-110 -
5:05 PM65054Q Los Angeles Clippers+1½-110 o53-110 -
65064Q San Antonio Spurs-1½-110 u53-110 -