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Looking for 2018 NCAA basketball futures odds and some great betting lines to get down on? The regular season is only just getting started in a week but we’re looking for teams that have a chance to cut down the nets in April.

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NBA - FUTURES - Jun 06 

Odds to Win 2019 - NBA Championship

12001Atlanta Hawks+100000
12002Boston Celtics+540
12003Brooklyn Nets+65000
12004Charlotte Hornets+45000
12005Chicago Bulls+40000
12006Cleveland Cavaliers+50000
12007Dallas Mavericks+23500
12008Denver Nuggets+14500
12009Detroit Pistons+35000
12010Golden State Warriors-191
12011Houston Rockets+856
12012Indiana Pacers+13500
12013Los Angeles Clippers+17500
12014Los Angeles Lakers+1502
12015Memphis Grizzlies+65000
12016Miami Heat+36500
12017Milwaukee Bucks+11000
12018Minnesota Timberwolves+15500
12019New Orleans Pelicans+12000
12020New York Knicks+48500
12021Oklahoma City Thunder+4000
12022Orlando Magic+50000
12023Philadelphia 76ers+1752
12024Phoenix Suns+37500
12025Portland Trail Blazers+19500
12026Sacramento Kings+45000
12027San Antonio Spurs+11500
12028Toronto Raptors+1853
12029Utah Jazz+6700
12030Washington Wizards+9500

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Eastern Conference

12101Atlanta Hawks+20000
12102Boston Celtics-111
12103Brooklyn Nets+17500
12104Charlotte Hornets+9000
12105Chicago Bulls+8500
12106Cleveland Cavaliers+10000
12107Detroit Pistons+7000
12108Indiana Pacers+2084
12109Miami Heat+7500
12110Milwaukee Bucks+1425
12111New York Knicks+9000
12112Orlando Magic+10000
12113Philadelphia 76ers+366
12114Toronto Raptors+386
12115Washington Wizards+2126

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Western Conference

12117Dallas Mavericks+9500
12118Denver Nuggets+7000
12119Golden State Warriors-280
12120Houston Rockets+585
12121Los Angeles Clippers+7500
12122Los Angeles Lakers+765
12123Memphis Grizzlies+32500
12124Minnesota Timberwolves+7000
12125New Orleans Pelicans+5300
12126Oklahoma City Thunder+1985
12127Phoenix Suns+18500
12128Portland Trail Blazers+8500
12129Sacramento Kings+22500
12130San Antonio Spurs+4800
12131Utah Jazz+3150

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Atlantic Division

12201Boston Celtics-128
12202Brooklyn Nets+8000
12203New York Knicks+30000
12204Philadelphia 76ers+280
12205Toronto Raptors+268

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Central Division

12207Chicago Bulls+2600
12208Cleveland Cavaliers+3300
12209Detroit Pistons+530
12210Indiana Pacers+136
12211Milwaukee Bucks+119

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Pacific Division

12219Golden State Warriors-2000
12220Los Angeles Clippers+4500
12221Los Angeles Lakers+935
12222Phoenix Suns+10000
12223Sacramento Kings+10000

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Southeast Division

12225Atlanta Hawks+9500
12226Charlotte Hornets+1143
12227Miami Heat+212
12228Orlando Magic+1506
12229Washington Wizards-175

Odds to win 2019 - NBA - Southwest Division

12231Dallas Mavericks+3000
12232Houston Rockets-505
12233Memphis Grizzlies+4500
12234New Orleans Pelicans+800
12235San Antonio Spurs+775

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