NBA Basketball First Half Betting Odds

While most basketball bettors concentrate on the full game lines in NBA betting, first half basketball lines might offer exceptional value for the smart handicapper.

A 48-minute NBA game is broken down into four 12-minute quarters, and bettors are able to place bets on the 1st quarter and 1st half lines before these contests begin.

The 1st quarter line (generally ¼ of the entire game’s spread) lets you dictate who you think will be covering the spread at the end of one quarter of play. The 1st half lines are essentially the same, only they extend through the 1st half of play.

Like other sports, some NBA teams are known to jump out of the gate quickly and build an early lead, while others are “4th quarter teams” who like to play from behind. This is were a NBA Sports bettor can find value in second half odds.

Do a little research and find out what teams tend to come out strong and what teams take a while to find a rhythm. Finding the ones that hold the advantage in the first half might take a little more time than your regular research for a full game bet, but the outcome will be worth the extra effort. Continue

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NBA - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 15 

6:05 PM15011H Golden State Warriors+2½-110 o111½-115 +136
15021H Houston Rockets-2½-110 u111½-105 -156
7:05 PM15031H Atlanta Hawks+8-110 o112½-107 +416
15041H Denver Nuggets-8-110 u112½-113 -550
8:35 PM15051H San Antonio Spurs+3½-105 o105-110 +176
15061H Los Angeles Clippers-3½-115 u105-110 -210

NBA - 1ST HALVES First Half Lines - Nov 16 

5:05 PM17011H Brooklyn Nets+3½-110 o106½-110 -
17021H Washington Wizards-3½-110 u106½-110 -
5:05 PM17031H Miami Heat+2-105 o108-110 -
17041H Indiana Pacers-2-115 u108-110 -
5:05 PM17051H Utah Jazz+1-105 o105-110 -
17061H Philadelphia 76ers-1-115 u105-110 -
5:05 PM17071H Toronto Raptors+½-110 o108½-110 -
17081H Boston Celtics-½-110 u108½-110 -
6:05 PM17091H Portland Trail BlazersPK-115 o108-110 -
17101H Minnesota TimberwolvesPK-105 u108-110 -
6:05 PM17111H Sacramento Kings+3½-110 o108½-110 -
17121H Memphis Grizzlies-3½-110 u108½-110 -
6:05 PM17131H New York Knicks+6-110 o116½-110 -
17141H New Orleans Pelicans-6-110 u116½-110 -
7:35 PM17151H Chicago Bulls+8-110 o108-110 -
17161H Milwaukee Bucks-8-110 u108-110 -