NBA Basketball Odds

Basketball betting allows gamblers to follow a very fast paced sport that can change drastically at any time. The level of excitement is very high in NBA betting, because from one minute to the next, a team that is ahead may fall behind by two baskets and may once again regain the lead.

Points are scored every few seconds and so the online basketball betting totals may be posted up in the 200's. Continue

NBA Basketball Betting Action

Add some excitement to your NBA viewing by placing a wager on your favorite team. If they win, you win.

It is impossible to deny that betting on NBA games creates more excitement for spectators.

NBA basketball betting has hundreds upon hundreds of games during the season. Their are a total of 30 teams participate in the NBA's Eastern and Western Conferences. Continue


NBA - Mar 21 

4:05 PM751Toronto Raptors+2-110 o226½-110 +110
752Cleveland Cavaliers-2-110 u226½-110 -130
4:05 PM753Memphis Grizzlies+13-105 o210-110 +912
754Philadelphia 76ers-13-115 u210-110 -1600
4:35 PM755New York Knicks+10½-110 o216½-110 +506
756Miami Heat-10½-110 u216½-110 -700
4:35 PM757Charlotte Hornets-2-105 o221½-110 -127
758Brooklyn Nets+2-115 u221½-110 +107
5:05 PM759Los Angeles Clippers+5-105 o222½-110 +184
760Milwaukee Bucks-5-115 u222½-110 -220
5:05 PM761Denver Nuggets-9½-115 o217½-110 -577
762Chicago Bulls+9½-105 u217½-110 +432
6:35 PM763Washington Wizards+6-110 o202-110 +211
764San Antonio Spurs-6-110 u202-110 -255
5:05 PM781Indiana Pacers+1-115 o219-110 -110
782New Orleans Pelicans-1-105 u219-110 -110