NBA Basketball Odds

Basketball betting allows gamblers to follow a very fast paced sport that can change drastically at any time. The level of excitement is very high in NBA betting, because from one minute to the next, a team that is ahead may fall behind by two baskets and may once again regain the lead.

Points are scored every few seconds and so the online basketball betting totals may be posted up in the 200's. Continue

NBA Basketball Betting Action

Add some excitement to your NBA viewing by placing a wager on your favorite team. If they win, you win.

It is impossible to deny that betting on NBA games creates more excitement for spectators.

NBA basketball betting has hundreds upon hundreds of games during the season. Their are a total of 30 teams participate in the NBA's Eastern and Western Conferences. Continue


NBA - Mar 19 

4:05 PM601Milwaukee Bucks+2½-115 o226-110 +120
602Cleveland Cavaliers-2½-105 u226-110 -140
4:05 PM603Los Angeles Lakers+4½-110 o218-110 +163
604Indiana Pacers-4½-110 u218-110 -190
4:05 PM605Charlotte Hornets+8½-105 o221-110 +344
606Philadelphia 76ers-8½-115 u221-110 -440
4:35 PM607Denver Nuggets+2-110 o216-110 +110
608Miami Heat-2-110 u216-110 -130
4:35 PM609Chicago Bulls+5-115 o218-110 +174
610New York Knicks-5-105 u218-110 -205
4:35 PM611Memphis Grizzlies+6½-110 o210-110 +230
612Brooklyn Nets-6½-110 u210-110 -280
6:35 PM613Golden State Warriors+7-110 o203½-110 +256
614San Antonio Spurs-7-110 u203½-110 -315
7:05 PM615Detroit Pistons-3½-115 o205-110 -165
616Sacramento Kings+3½-105 u205-110 +144

NBA - Mar 20 

4:05 PM651Toronto Raptors-9½-110 o214-110 -500
652Orlando Magic+9½-110 u214-110 +384
5:05 PM653Dallas Mavericks+9-110 o218½-110 +358
654New Orleans Pelicans-9-110 u218½-110 -460
5:05 PM655Los Angeles Clippers+3-105 o227½-110 +135
656Minnesota Timberwolves-3-115 u227½-110 -155
5:05 PM657Oklahoma City Thunder---
658Boston Celtics---
6:05 PM659Atlanta Hawks+13½-110 o209-110 +876
660Utah Jazz-13½-110 u209-110 -1500
7:05 PM661Detroit Pistons---
662Phoenix Suns---
7:35 PM663Houston Rockets-4½-115 o214½-110 -185
664Portland Trail Blazers+4½-105 u214½-110 +160