March Madness - College Basketball Betting Lines

Basketball betting is one of the most exciting times of the gambling season and only gets better with College hoops.

NCAA basketball gambling is one area where it is quite easy to make a profit and betting on NCAA basketball is enticing because there are over a 100 games to bet in a period of one week.

Teams from all over the country play each other and the basketball betting action is electrifying.

Betting on top NCAA basketball players in the world, battle it out on such a huge stage makes for some great excitement. Continue

NCAA Tournament Stats - March Madness Basketball Predictions

College basketball is synonymous with sports betting and for the teams who are favored to win the National Championship in College basketball, there's no doubt they're going to be in the NCAA Tournament at this point. There are a good 30 or so teams who are going to enter the month of April with zero doubt that they're dancing. Continue



NIT Tournament - Quarterfinals Bottom teams are home

5:00 PM765Western Kentucky+4½-110 o148½-115 +170
766Oklahoma State-4½-110 u148½-105 -200
7:00 PM767Utah University+6½-110 o140½-110 +234
768Saint Marys CA-6½-110 u140½-110 -285

College Insider Tournament - Quarterfinals Bottom teams are home

5:00 PM769Illinois Chicago+4-110 o154-110 +160
770Austin Peay-4-110 u154-110 -185
7:00 PM771Northern Colorado+2-110 o147-110 +113
772San Diego-2-110 u147-110 -133

CBI Tournament - Semifinals Bottom teams are home

5:00 PM777Jacksonville+1½-110 o138-110 +105
778North Texas-1½-110 u138-110 -125


NCAA Tournament - South Regional Semifinals Philips Arena - Atlanta - GA

6:35 PM813Kansas State+5½-110 o138½-110 +207
814Kentucky-5½-110 u138½-110 -250
4:05 PM815Loyola Chicago+1½-115 o143½-110 +102
816Nevada-1½-105 u143½-110 -122

NCAA Tournament - West Regional Semifinals Staples Center - Los Angeles - CA

4:35 PM817Texas A&M+2½-108 o136-110 +127
818Michigan-2½-112 u136-110 -147
7:05 PM819Florida State+6-115 o153½-110 +215
820Gonzaga-6-105 u153½-110 -260

College Insider Tournament - Quarterfinals Bottom teams is home

5:00 PM821Sam Houston State+4-110 o147½-110 +160
822Texas San Antonio-4-110 u147½-110 -185

CBI Tournament - Semifinals Bottom team is home

7:00 PM825Campbell+9-110 o146½-110 -
826San Francisco-9-110 u146½-110 -


NCAA Tournament - East Regional Semifinals TD Garden - Boston - MA

4:25 PM871West Virginia+5½-110 o152½-110 +207
872Villanova-5½-110 u152½-110 -250
6:55 PM873Texas Tech+1½-110 o137½-110 +105
874Purdue-1½-110 u137½-110 -125

NCAA Tournament - Midwest Regional Semifinals CenturyLink Center - Omaha - Nebraska

6:35 PM875Syracuse+11½-115 o133½-110 +588
876Duke-11½-105 u133½-110 -850
4:05 PM877Clemson+4½-105 o143-110 +180
878Kansas-4½-115 u143-110 -215