College Basketball Betting Lines

Basketball betting is one of the most exciting times of the gambling season and only gets better with College hoops.

NCAA basketball gambling is one area where it is quite easy to make a profit and betting on NCAA basketball is enticing because there are over a 100 games to bet in a period of one week.

Teams from all over the country play each other and the basketball betting action is electrifying.

Betting on top NCAA basketball players in the world, battle it out on such a huge stage makes for some great excitement. Continue



5:00 PM719Maryland-1-110 o141-110 -117
720Indiana University+1-110 u141-110 -103
5:00 PM721North Carolina-5-110 o164½-110 -215
722Virginia Tech+5-110 u164½-110 +180
5:00 PM723Iowa State+7-110 o138½-110 +252
724Texas-7-110 u138½-110 -310
6:00 PM725Nebraska+11-110 o139½-110 +506
726Ohio State-11-110 u139½-110 -700
7:00 PM727Kansas State+4-110 o136-110 +163
728Baylor-4-110 u136-110 -190
7:00 PM729West Virginia-1-110 o160-110 -117
730TCU+1-110 u160-110 -103
7:00 PM731Michigan State-11½-105 o145-110 -775
732Illinois+11½-115 u145-110 +548
5:00 PM733Holy Cross+3-110 o124½-110 +135
734American-3-110 u124½-110 -155
6:15 PM735Appalachian State+8-110 o153½-110 +299
736Troy-8-110 u153½-110 -375