Spanish Basketball League Betting Odds

While football has long been the dominating force in Spain's sports scene, basketball ("baloncesto," in Spanish) fever has been giving football a run for its money.

The Asociacion de Baloncesto, which means Basketball Clubs’ Association in English or otherwise known as the ACB , is the highest basketball league in Spain. It is also considered among the best basketball league in Europe today. The ACB is the preminent men’s professional basketball league in Spain. The league is rated as one of the three “A” level European national domestic leagues in the ULEB Leauge Rankings System.

Spain's ACB basketball league, consists of 18 professional basketball teams. Each team up against every other team twice, once at home and the other game at the opponent’s stadium, for a combined 34 season games. The team that comes out with the most victories at the end of Spain's basketball season wins the ACB and is a shoe-in for national tournament play.

Basketball Sign Up Bonus



11:00 AM309901Gernika Bizkaia W-9½-115 o134½-115 -
309902Ferrol W+9½-115 u134½-115 -
11:30 AM309903Zaragoza W+1-115 o127-115 -
309904Quesos El Pastor W-1-115 u127-115 -
11:45 AM309905Sant Adria W+14½-115 o134½-115 -
309906Cadi La Seu W-14½-115 u134½-115 -
11:00 AM309907Valencia W-6-115 o133-115 -
309908Al-Qazeres W+6-115 u133-115 -
10:00 AM309909Bembibre W+30½-115 o125-115 -
309910Perfumerias Avenida W-30½-115 u125-115 -
11:00 AM309911Uni Girona W-15½-115 o139½-115 -
309912Ensino W+15½-115 u139½-115 -
10:00 AM309959Iberojet Palma-4-115 o157-110 -
309960Araberri+4-115 u157-120 -
10:30 AM309961Granada+3½-115 o141-115 -
309962Oviedo-3½-115 u141-115 -
11:00 AM309963Prat Joventut+19½-115 o154-115 -
309964Real Betis-19½-115 u154-115 -
1:00 PM309965Real Canoe+8½-115 o140-115 -
309966Barcelona B-8½-115 u140-115 -