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The German Bundesliga Basketball League (BBL) — is the highest level league of club basketball in Germany. The German League remains one of the most unpredictable competitions around the continent, with a lot of teams able to beat anyone, anywhere. The league comprises 18 teams. A BBL season is split into a league stage and a playoff stage. At the end of the league stage the top eight teams qualify for the playoff stage and the teams positioned 17th and 18th are relegated to a lower league. The playoffs are played in "Best of five" format. The winning team of the final round are the German Champions of that season. Additionally to the league competition, all BBL teams compete for the German Cup (BBL-Cup)

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6:00 AM300921Ulm+14-115 o175-115 -
300922Alba Berlin-14-115 u175-115 -
9:00 AM300923Basketball Braunschweig+18½-115 o164½-115 -
300924Bayern-18½-115 u164½-115 -