NBA Draft Odds - In Game Basketball Odds

With the NBA Championship in the rear-view mirror, the focus now shifts to the 2017 NBA draft, as fans eagerly wait for their favorite team to tab a potential franchise player, as there are some big names in the making for this years NBA Draft on Thursday, June 22 and it will once again be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Continue

WNBA Odds - Women Basketball Lines

Our WNBA Basketball section provides the latest updates, scores, high lights, and information you would ever need to bet WNBA online. Knowing how to bet basketball online is just as important as knowing where to bet. When it comes to online sports betting, Gamblers palace will provide you with the latest odds and lines on every Online sports event. Continue


NBA - Oct 17 

5:15 PM501Boston Celtics+4½-110 o215½-115 +170
502Cleveland Cavaliers-4½-110 u215½-105 -200
7:35 PM503Houston Rockets+9-110 o230½-110 +367
504Golden State Warriors-9-110 u230½-110 -475

NBA - Oct 18 

4:05 PM701Brooklyn Nets+3½-115 o213½-110 +140
702Indiana Pacers-3½-105 u213½-110 -160
4:05 PM703Philadelphia 76ers+7-105 o215½-110 +252
704Washington Wizards-7-115 u215½-110 -310
4:05 PM705Miami Heat-3-110 o205½-110 -150
706Orlando Magic+3-110 u205½-110 +130
4:05 PM707Charlotte Hornets+3-115 o204-110 +130
708Detroit Pistons-3-105 u204-110 -150
4:35 PM709Milwaukee Bucks---
710Boston Celtics---
5:05 PM711New Orleans Pelicans+2½-110 o204-110 +120
712Memphis Grizzlies-2½-110 u204-110 -140
5:35 PM713Atlanta Hawks+6-110 o198-110 +199
714Dallas Mavericks-6-110 u198-110 -240
6:05 PM715Denver Nuggets+2-110 o206-110 +110
716Utah Jazz-2-110 u206-110 -130
6:35 PM717Minnesota Timberwolves+1½-110 o205½-110 +100
718San Antonio Spurs-1½-110 u205½-110 -120
7:05 PM719Houston Rockets---
720Sacramento Kings---
7:05 PM721Portland Trail Blazers-1-115 o220-110 -120
722Phoenix Suns+1-105 u220-110 +100