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NBA - Dec 14 

5:35 PM501Detroit Pistons-4-115 o208½-110 -170
502Atlanta Hawks+4-105 u208½-110 +148
5:35 PM503New York Knicks+1½-110 o212-110 +100
504Brooklyn Nets-1½-110 u212-110 -120
6:05 PM505Los Angeles Lakers+9½-110 o220-110 +358
506Cleveland Cavaliers-9½-110 u220-110 -460
6:05 PM507Sacramento Kings+10½-105 o203½-110 +441
508Minnesota Timberwolves-10½-115 u203½-110 -590
8:35 PM509Dallas Mavericks+10-110 o212-110 +477
510Golden State Warriors-10-110 u212-110 -650

NBA - Dec 15 

5:05 PM801Detroit Pistons+4½-110 o209-110 -
802Indiana Pacers-4½-110 u209-110 -
5:05 PM803Miami Heat+5½-110 o204½-110 -
804Charlotte Hornets-5½-110 u204½-110 -
5:05 PM805Los Angeles Clippers+9½-115 o209-110 -
806Washington Wizards-9½-105 u209-110 -
5:05 PM807Portland Trail Blazers---
808Orlando Magic---
5:05 PM809Oklahoma City Thunder+2-115 o210-110 -
810Philadelphia 76ers-2-105 u210-110 -
5:35 PM811Utah Jazz+5½-110 o198-110 -
812Boston Celtics-5½-110 u198-110 -
5:35 PM813Brooklyn Nets+11-110 o218-110 -
814Toronto Raptors-11-110 u218-110 -
6:05 PM815Chicago Bulls+8-110 o204½-110 -
816Milwaukee Bucks-8-110 u204½-110 -
6:05 PM817Atlanta Hawks---
818Memphis Grizzlies---
7:05 PM819New Orleans Pelicans---
820Denver Nuggets---
7:35 PM821San Antonio Spurs+7½-110 o213½-110 -
822Houston Rockets-7½-110 u213½-110 -