MLB Grand Salami Odds - Baseball Grand Salami Lines

MLB Baseball Betting Online: The grand salami can be a good value bet because the market is a niche area, so for the recreational baseball bettor who wants a side bet or a change from his MLB betting routine, it is definately something to look at. It also gives the bettor an interest in every game being played.

Grand Salami Baseball Betting is most definitely the national pastime. Especially come October, the nation watch teams in the MLB Baseball playoffs and at the end of it all, two teams will battle it out to become this years new crowned World Series champions.

Depending on the book you will find the grand salami a lot in MLB betting and a fair bit in hockey (NHL). So how does the grand salami work? Simply, you are betting on the combined total of every MLB Baseball game on the board, so by default have an interest in every game. It's a lot of fun. Effectively it is just a variation on the over /under market. Continue

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