MLB Baseball Future Lines 2018

MLB Futures Odds Betting: Start projecting how many wins some of these MLB teams will get. MLB Baseball Future Odds on the Over and Under for Team Total Wins in the Regular Season

Baseball betting lines can be quite tricky if you do not understand how the odds system works. Therefore, we'd like to take a little timeout to discuss the "money line" in which betting MLB baseball revolves around. First off, a money line is not a point spread. Therefore, to win a bet in baseball against the money line all your team has to do is win the game. Sign up today at Bookmaker Sportsbook today and start the MLB Baseball season off right.

Grand Salami Baseball Betting is most definitely the national pastime. Especially come October, the nation watch teams in the MLB Baseball playoffs and at the end of it all, two teams will battle it out to become this years new crowned World Series champions.

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MLB Power Rankings and MLB Season Preview

30 teams, six divisions, 162 games to see which teams are most likely to advance to the post-season, shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The actual standings in MLB and the standings according to the odds makers are quite different. That’s why our power rankings, based on the MLB futures, present a different look than what we see in the standings. continue


MLB - FUTURES - Sep 21 

MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 World Series

14001Arizona Diamondbacks+70000
14002Atlanta Braves+847
14004Boston Red Sox+322
14005Chicago Cubs+717
14008Cleveland Indians+672
14009Colorado Rockies+3000
14011Houston Astros+391
14014Los Angeles Dodgers+600
14016Milwaukee Brewers+1250
14017Minnesota Twins
14018New York Mets
14019New York Yankees+1003
14020Oakland Athletics+1658
14021Philadelphia Phillies+100000
14022Pittsburgh Pirates+150000
14023Saint Louis Cardinals+2366
14025San Francisco Giants
14026Seattle Mariners+250000
14027Tampa Bay Rays+100000
14030Washington Nationals+350000

MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 National League Pennant

14117Arizona Diamondbacks+30000
14118Atlanta Braves+333
14119Chicago Cubs+253
14121Colorado Rockies+1250
14122Los Angeles Dodgers+212
14124Milwaukee Brewers+515
14125New York Mets
14126Philadelphia Phillies+42500
14127Pittsburgh Pirates+70000
14128Saint Louis Cardinals+850
14130San Francisco Giants
14131Washington Nationals+150000

MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 American League Pennant

14102Boston Red Sox+155
14104Cleveland Indians+358
14106Houston Astros+197
14109Minnesota Twins
14110New York Yankees+555
14111Oakland Athletics+835
14112Seattle Mariners+125000
14113Tampa Bay Rays+50000