MLB First Five Baseball Innings Lines

Baseball betting lines can be quite tricky if you do not understand how the odds system works. Therefore, we'd like to take a little timeout to discuss the "money line" in which betting MLB baseball revolves around. First off, a money line is not a point spread. Therefore, to win a bet in baseball against the money line all your team has to do is win the game.

MLB 1st 5 Innings betting: love to bet on baseball but can't stand to watch the last 4 innings when their team has the lead can now bet on just the first 5 innings. That's right only the first 5 innings of the baseball game determine if you will loose or win the wager. You can also wager on the 2nd half of MLB games as well. All of which present the sharp bettor with more opportunities to gain an edge.

The first thing you'll notice if you compare the 1st five innings line to the game line is that they are usually identical. The 2nd thing you should notice is that the results when comparing the 1st 5 innings to the full game results, are anything but identical. That fact alone should tell you that there is a great opportunity to gain an edge over the bookmakers.


MLB-1ST 5 FULL INNINGS First Half Lines - Sep 25 

National League

1:10 PM19011H Atlanta Braves, P: L Sims - R-½+125 o5-105 -115
19021H New York Mets, P: C Flexen - R+½-145 u5-115 -105
4:05 PM19031H Washington Nationals, P: A Cole - R+½-120 o4½-125 +120
19041H Philadelphia Phillies, P: A Nola - R-½+100 u4½+105 -140
4:10 PM19051H Atlanta Braves, P: M Fried - L+½-130 o5-105 +110
19061H New York Mets, P: S Lugo - R-½+110 u5-115 -130
5:15 PM19071H Chicago Cubs, P: J Lester - L+½-135 o4½-110 +105
19081H Saint Louis Cardinals, P: L Weaver - R-½+115 u4½-110 -125
5:40 PM19091H Miami Marlins, P: O Despaigne - R---
19101H Colorado Rockies, P: T Chatwood - R---
6:40 PM19111H San Francisco Giants, P: J Cueto - R---
19121H Arizona Diamondbacks, P: Z Godley - R---
7:10 PM19131H San Diego Padres, P: T Wood - L+½+160 o4-120 +230
19141H Los Angeles Dodgers, P: Y Darvish - R-½-185 u4+100 -280

American League

10:05 AM19151H Kansas City Royals, P: J Junis - R+½+100 o5-105 +145
19161H New York Yankees, P: C Sabathia - L-½-120 u5-115 -170
4:10 PM19171H Toronto Blue Jays, P: B Anderson - L+½+120 o5-110 +175
19181H Boston Red Sox, P: D Pomeranz - L-½-140 u5-110 -210
5:05 PM19191H Houston Astros, P: C McHugh - R-½+110 o6-105 -130
19201H Texas Rangers, P: A Cashner - R+½-130 u6-115 +110
5:10 PM19211H Los Angeles Angels, P: R Nolasco - R-½-110 o5½-110 -150
19221H Chicago White Sox, P: J Shields - R+½-110 u5½-110 +130
7:05 PM19231H Seattle Mariners, P: F Hernandez - R-½+120 o5-120 -120
19241H Oakland Athletics, P: D Gossett - R+½-140 u5+100 +100