MLB First Five Baseball Innings Lines

Over the past several seasons wagering on the first 5 innings of major league baseball games has gained in popularity.

MLB First 5 Innings Betting Lines

Love to bet on baseball but can't stand to watch the last 4 innings when their team has the lead can now bet on just the first 5 innings. That's right only the first 5 innings of the baseball game determine if you will loose or win the wager.

Bookmaker Baseball Betting Bonus

Developing a baseball betting strategy that uses the first five innings, otherwise known as the first half, is that your fate is in the hands of the two starting pitchers. This means you can safely ignore other, more random factors, such as the benches and both bullpens in your baseball betting. Continue


MLB-1ST 5 FULL INNINGS First Half Lines - Mar 23 

4:05 PM19671H Houston Astros, P: Action-½-115 o3½-122 -160
19681H Miami Marlins, P: Action+½-105 u3½+102 +140
6:40 PM19691H Chicago Cubs, P: Action+½-145 o5½-115 -105
19701H Colorado Rockies, P: Action-½+125 u5½-105 -115