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MLB Power Rankings and MLB Season Preview

30 teams, six divisions, 162 games to see which teams are most likely to advance to the post-season, shouldn’t be too hard, right?

The actual standings in MLB and the standings according to the odds makers are quite different. That’s why our power rankings, based on the MLB futures, present a different look than what we see in the standings. continue



National League

9:10 AM901Washington Nationals, P: S Strasburg - R-1½+110 o7½+100 -161
902New York Mets, P: S Matz - L+1½-130 u7½-120 +145
9:35 AM903Colorado Rockies, P: A Senzatela - R+1½-175 o9-105 +115
904Pittsburgh Pirates, P: J Lyles - R-1½+151 u9-115 -128
11:20 AM905Philadelphia Phillies, P: A Nola - R+1½-180 o9½-105 +109
906Chicago Cubs, P: J Lester - L-1½+155 u9½-115 -119
12:45 PM907Atlanta Braves, P: K Gausman - R-1½+148 o7½-110 -116
908San Francisco Giants, P: M Bumgarner - L+1½-170 u7½-110 +106

American League

9:35 AM909New York Yankees, P: M Tanaka - R-1½-135 o8½-115 -200
910Baltimore Orioles, P: D Bundy - R+1½+115 u8½-105 +179
9:40 AM911Boston Red Sox, P: R Weber - R-1½+115 o10-115 -128
912Toronto Blue Jays, P: C Richard - L+1½-135 u10-105 +116
3:10 PM913Tampa Bay Rays, P: R Yarbrough - L-1½+125 o9½-101 -129
914Cleveland Indians, P: A Plutko - R+1½-145 u9½-119 +117
5:10 PM915Chicago White Sox, P: L Giolito - R+1½-124 o9-105 +163
916Houston Astros, P: C Martin - R-1½+104 u9-115 -181


10:10 AM917Miami Marlins, P: T Richards - R+1½-150 o8½-125 +137
918Detroit Tigers, P: M Boyd - L-1½+130 u8½+105 -152
1:00 PM919Minnesota Twins, P: M Perez - L-1½+110 o9½-105 -140
920Los Angeles Angels, P: M Harvey - R+1½-130 u9½-115 +126