MLB Betting Odds - College Baseball Lines

There is nothing like watching your favorite team hit home runs while there ace pitcher throws blazing fast balls. This sport goes back well over hundred years and still continues to gain popularity year in and year out.

Baseball is truly considered one of America’s signature games and with that popularity comes baseball gambling and MLB sportsbooks. With every team in Major League Baseball playing 162 games during an MLB season, there are always plenty of baseball betting opportunities. Continue



National League

4:10 PM903Saint Louis Cardinals, P: C Martinez - R-1½-110 o9-110 -184
904Cincinnati Reds, P: H Bailey - R+1½-110 u9-110 +165
4:35 PM905Washington Nationals, P: T Roark - R-1½+115 o9-120 -137
906Atlanta Braves, P: R Dickey - R+1½-135 u9+100 +124
5:10 PM907Chicago Cubs, P: J Arrieta - R-1½+127 o8½-125 -129
908Milwaukee Brewers, P: Z Davies - R+1½-147 u8½+105 +117
7:10 PM909Colorado Rockies, P: T Anderson - L-1½+130 o8½+100 -129
910San Diego Padres, P: C Richard - L+1½-150 u8½-120 +117

American League

4:05 PM911Tampa Bay Rays, P: M Andriese - R+1½-190 o10-110 +105
912Baltimore Orioles, P: G Ynoa - R-1½+163 u10-110 -115
4:05 PM913Kansas City Royals, P: J Vargas - L+1½-155 o9-105 +135
914Toronto Blue Jays, P: J Happ - L-1½+135 u9-115 -150
4:10 PM915Minnesota Twins, P: A Mejia - L-1½+121 o10½-105 -134
916Detroit Tigers, P: J Zimmermann - R+1½-141 u10½-115 +121
5:10 PM917Chicago White Sox, P: C Fulmer - R+1½+130 o9-105 +272
918Houston Astros, P: D Keuchel - L-1½-150 u9-115 -310
1:05 PM919Cleveland Indians, P: D Salazar - R-1½+140 o8½+100 -117
920Los Angeles Angels, P: P Bridwell - R+1½-160 u8½-120 +107
7:10 PM921Texas Rangers, P: C Hamels - L+1½-168 o8½+100 +133
922Seattle Mariners, P: J Paxton - L-1½+146 u8½-120 -147