MLB World Series Odds - Baseball Lines

The World Series is a tradition in American sports that extends back over 100 years. The games are played in October, so there is often a crisp chill in the air at each baseball game. But the cooler temperatures are offset by the electricity of the crowd during each game.

Each game is critical to the outcome, so every inning and every at bat are huge.

This year's World Series begins Tuesday, October 24, between the National League (NL) champions and the American League (AL) champions. Continue


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MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 World Series

14001Arizona Diamondbacks+1957
14002Atlanta Braves+12500
14003Baltimore Orioles+9500
14004Boston Red Sox+1354
14005Chicago Cubs+871
14006Chicago White Sox+11000
14007Cincinnati Reds+22500
14008Cleveland Indians+817
14009Colorado Rockies+4100
14010Detroit Tigers+26212
14011Houston Astros+556
14012Kansas City Royals+17500
14013Los Angeles Angels+2360
14014Los Angeles Dodgers+571
14015Miami Marlins+60000
14016Milwaukee Brewers+3572
14017Minnesota Twins+3500
14018New York Mets+2966
14019New York Yankees+566
14020Oakland Athletics+15000
14021Philadelphia Phillies+11500
14022Pittsburgh Pirates+15000
14023Saint Louis Cardinals+2008
14024San Diego Padres+18500
14025San Francisco Giants+2158
14026Seattle Mariners+3674
14027Tampa Bay Rays+8500
14028Texas Rangers+11000
14029Toronto Blue Jays+4200
14030Washington Nationals+771

MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 American League Pennant

14101Baltimore Orioles+4650
14102Boston Red Sox+654
14103Chicago White Sox+4650
14104Cleveland Indians+402
14105Detroit Tigers+18500
14106Houston Astros+255
14107Kansas City Royals+9000
14108Los Angeles Angels+1164
14109Minnesota Twins+1700
14110New York Yankees+268
14111Oakland Athletics+7500
14112Seattle Mariners+1831
14113Tampa Bay Rays+4000
14114Texas Rangers+5300
14115Toronto Blue Jays+2142

MLB - Odds to Win - 2018 National League Pennant

14117Arizona Diamondbacks+1000
14118Atlanta Braves+6000
14119Chicago Cubs+396
14120Cincinnati Reds+11000
14121Colorado Rockies+1950
14122Los Angeles Dodgers+243
14123Miami Marlins+30000
14124Milwaukee Brewers+1600
14125New York Mets+1500
14126Philadelphia Phillies+5800
14127Pittsburgh Pirates+8000
14128Saint Louis Cardinals+1000
14129San Diego Padres+9000
14130San Francisco Giants+1000
14131Washington Nationals+325