NBA Playoff Predictions - Pro Basketball Odds

The road to the NBA playoffs have been a challenging stretch of seven months and 82 games. And now, teams will take the court for this year’s 2019 NBA Playoffs, which begins Saturday, April 13 and runs through a potential Game 7 of the NBA Finals on June at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Continue

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Basketball Playoff Picks - NBA Finals Odds

As the NBA Playoff games are finalized, the NBA odds heat up with this year’s NBA Finals and remember, every team that makes the playoffs has an equal chance at winning the NBA Championship title.

NBA basketball fans will watch 16 teams fighting to win 16 games to become the next team to try to embrace the NBA Championship trophy. Continue


NBA - Apr 21 

10:05 AM565Boston Celtics-2½-110 o204½-110 -140
566Indiana Pacers+2½-110 u204½-110 +120
12:35 PM567Golden State Warriors-8½-110 o235-110 -445
568Los Angeles Clippers+8½-110 u235-110 +347
4:05 PM569Toronto Raptors-5-115 o207-110 -215
570Orlando Magic+5-105 u207-110 +180
6:35 PM571Portland Trail Blazers+6-115 o223½-110 +199
572Oklahoma City Thunder-6-105 u223½-110 -240

NBA - Apr 22 

5:05 PM573Milwaukee Bucks-10½-110 o218½-110 -
574Detroit Pistons+10½-110 u218½-110 -

NBA - Apr 23 

4:00 PM501San Antonio Spurs+5½-110 o212-110 +192
502Denver Nuggets-5½-110 u212-110 -230
5:05 PM507Brooklyn Nets+7½-110 o230-110 +263
508Philadelphia 76ers-7½-110 u230-110 -325