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Live Racing Dates: May to September

Live Racing Schedule: Wednesday through Saturday - Dark Sundays with a few exceptions

Course type: Flat

Main track: 5/8 mile

Scioto Downs is Ohio's first "racino," as combination horse tracks and casinos are known, is located in south Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

Harness racing has its own appeal with spills and thrills and wins by a nose.

Scioto Downs has been providing heart pounding thrills and excitement for more than 40 years, as some of the most prestigious stakes events for both pacers and trotters have been held at this distinguished track.

The track holds seasonal live racing that typically starts in May and ends in September. Scioto Downs has a 5/8 mile track many racers have remarked as having a near-perfect racing surface. The homestretch has a Length of 539 feet and is 90 feet wide. Spectators will also note that the bank of the track encourages impressive speeds from the racers.

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  • Track Level: E
  • Max Bet Profit: $1,000.00 USD
Saturday May 26, 2018