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PGA Odds & Euro Golf Tournaments

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Bet PGA Golf Tournament Odds / European Golf Tour Predictions

Bet Golf Odds OnlineGolf is one of the few sports that is popular no matter where you are in the world. Everyone loves playing golf and the majority of people don’t mind watching golf either.

One way to make golf more exciting is by betting on the events with below online sportsbooks offering the best golf odds out there.

Golf has become an every man sport and many people love to use various golf betting options on their favorite players.

Golf betting is relatively simple to understand, and even the most inexperienced golf fan can find ways to use their love of the sport to make smart betting decisions.

There are plenty of ways to bet on golf tournaments and we’re going to take a look at each of the ways you can bet on the sport. If you know a little about golf then it’s easy to walk away with some profit every weekend of the golfing season.

If you looking for PGA golf sports betting information, PGA golf betting tips, European Golf Tour or want make smart golf bet without difficult and time consuming analysis you are at right place. We will help you more than any similar service on the net.

Online Golf Betting

Golf is evolving into one of the most popular betting sports in the world, and with good reason. Each week the tournaments boasts some of the most exciting sports stars competing, such as, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy: these professionals are all able to draw in millions of fans every single week, and online sportsbooks have acknowledged the popularity of golf by offering plenty of betting options.

Both the European and PGA Tours provide plenty of interest and there are always plenty of odds on offer with two tournaments a week taking place, and of course the highlights will be the Major tournaments that are the pinnacle of the season's calendar.

2018 World Championshp Golf Schedules

Bet World Golf Tournaments Online

Golf betting at online sportsbooks is popular especially when the Masters, U.S. Open, PGA and British Open tournaments are coming up.

There are few basic options for golf betting at online sportsbooks.

You have find golf betting options to place a wager on a single player to win the PGA tournament or you can bet on a golf matchup or sportsbooks will put out Future Golf Props and today you can also find sportsbooks offering to in-play golf betting.

Bet Tournament Matchups

Betting on a golf matchup is where two golfers are pitted against one another. These matchups are set up by the sportsbook and you just worry about which golfer you think will finish better in the tournament. For example, you might have Tiger Woods at -220 over Phil Mickelson at +120.

Anyone who has wagered on the money line before will understand how these odds work. If Tiger Woods finishes the tournament in a better position than Mickelson, then a wager of $220 would earn the golf bettor a $100 profit. If instead Mickelson caused an upset, a $100 wager on him would see a potential $120 in winnings.

Golf Future Betting

The greatest advantage of golf futures betting online is the potential for big wins and high payouts. Golf futures bets typically offer larger payouts than other types of bets.

The disadvantage of wagering on golf futures betting at a sports betting site is that it ties up your money for extended periods of time.

Golf tournament winner bets aren’t as bad about this, but bets such as those on how many championships a golfer will win over the course of a year can tie up your money for a long time.

Live In-play Golf Betting

Live golf betting is an increasingly popular service that is being offered by many online bookmakers. Basically, it allows you to place bets while play is ongoing, with the odds changing to reflect events as they unfold, and you can place bets right up to the end of the tournament.

With traditional fixed odds betting, you can only place bets before and after play commences each day, so if you miss your window, you have to wait until the next break in play before you can place another bet. Continue

Online Golf betting Tips

Golf betting is just like other forms of sports betting, it has it's handicapping factors to consider.

Different players do well at different courses depending on their abilities and how they fit a course.

They may struggle at certain courses because their game isn’t as suited to the PGA golf betting course. As you look at golf betting you want to look at golfers that excel on a particular PGA course.

You also want to look at the golfer’s recent form in golf tournaments. You don’t want to be betting a golfer that hasn’t been playing well. Another option for golf betting is betting a golfer to place or show.

That is where you bet golfers to finish in the one of the top three spots. If he finishes top three it would be a show wager, top two a place wager and you already understand the win golf betting wager.

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