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Football Exotic Bets - Exotic Sports Betting Odds

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Exotic Football Pleaser Bets - Exotic SuperBowl Prop Bets

Exotic Sports Betting Lines Parlays ( Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball ) There are two basic parts of football games on which you can bet on, the 'totals' and the 'sides'.

While 'totals' are bet with the goal of determining whether the final combined score of a game will be over or under a specified number, 'sides' can be bet using either the point spread (picking a team to 'cover') or the money line (picking a team to win the game outright).

These types of wagers are generally referred to as 'straight bets'. There are, however, other wagers, called 'exotic bets,' which are based upon a combination or variation of straight bets.

A Exoctic sports bet is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. For the Exoctic sports bet to win all of the individual parts of the original bet need to win for the Exoctic wager to be a winner.

You can mix different sports on the same exoctic bet. Exoctic payoffs depend on how many teams are in your wager. Payoffs for football and basketball are shown in the table below.

If there is a tie in one or more of your individual parts then the wager steps down to the next lower number of teams. If a 2 team parlay has a tie and a winner then the parlay pays 90% of the straight bet payoff.

If the winner is a baseball bet the payoff is 100% of the straight bet payoff.

Exotic Sports Betting Definition: A bet other than the more conventional side or total bets.

Sportsbooks often post odds and accept wagers on a variety of other activities - just to keep life interesting. For example, you may be able to place a bet on who will win the Presidential race or the Oscars Best Actor award.

The Bookmaker sets the conditions and odds for these bets. Many exotic bets are offered at 110 to 100 odds, but some will be offered at better or worse odds, depending on the bet.

Still need more reasons to bet Football Online?

It's important to understand Las Vegas football odds in order to take full advantage of the betting lines and NFL betting options offered by our top sportsbooks, such as "" When you're ready to place a bet, you'll first need to register for a free account at BookMaker Sportsbook.

Please note that all membership is FREE to everyone, provided you are at least 18 years old. This information is provided for general guidance only.

NFL Football Sports Betting Bonus

It is always best to shop around when looking for the best NFL Odds. Many different bookmakers release different numbers and NFL football odds always tend to differ at each sportsbook.

If you are truly interested in finding the best NFL odds, Try Bookmaker sportsbook

Sign up now for your free account, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1. Click on the Join now icon, fill out the registration form to get your user id.
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  • 3. Place your bets and start winning.  It’s that easy.

Live In-Play Football Betting Online

Their are benefits that a NFL bettors can find by initiating their football bets in-play, as opposed to taking the Opening odds on their preferred competitor. Both styles of betting options have merit, and both play an integral role in the sports bettor’s journey towards success and profitability.

Knowing when to use one and when to use the other is what defines the fine line between success and failure.

Remember your goal of being a consistently profitable long-term sports bettor means using every weapon in your arsenal, and being one step ahead of everyone else.

With practice and structured commitment you will be more accustomed to fine tune a sports betting strategy which is best suited to your style of personality. Continue
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Teaser Bets If Bets Reverse Bets Round Robin Bets Football Prop Bets

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