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College Football Sports Betting Tips

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College Football Sports Betting Insight - 2018 NCAA Football Odds

College Football Betting InsightThe 2018 NCAA football season is upon us which means it is time to start comparing football schedules, statistics, returning starters, and Knowing the ins and outs of each college football team is a big factor in a winning with this College football betting season.

Let explain how the College football betting odds work and how NCAA football betting can be a major money maker for college sports bettors, because of the fact that there are 117 Division IA teams as opposed to 32 NFL teams to bet on.

Betting on College football for a sharp sports bettor can be very profitable and picking winners against the spread in College football comes natural for them, but for the novice bettor, he or she may have some trouble.

Get all the latest sports betting information on College football totals, NFL Odds and Football Moneylines. View Updated College Halftime Betting Info, Football Quarter Lines, Football Player props & Heisman Trophy Predictions!

Below you will find details on College betting competitions and football betting lines on all NCAA football games.

NCAA Football Predictions - College Sports Betting Spread

NCAA Football Betting PicksThe College football season is here, and that means there are plenty of stats and information out there to make accurate decisions when investing in the betting lines and totals moving forward.

Have a tough time building your bankroll betting the college football point spreads last week? Did the books take a bite out of it because of some handicapper you paid for advice went belly up?

No worries, all Gamblers Palace College football odds and NCAA football picks are free of charge. Recoup some of those losses by studying up on this week’s slate. Check out our live College football odds and analysis below for every College football game on the board.

The action kicks off Thursday night football on ESPN at 8:00 p.m. ET, Continue

College Football Betting Tips

College teams have the ability to manipulate their own schedules. For instance, some of the top teams may select a "soft" opponent early on to get things off on the right foot so to speak and others want to go up against a worthy competitor in hopes of winning and getting a big jump in the polls.

Because these teams do not have a pre season schedule either, there are no films to look at and this gives the sports bettor a tremendous advantage early on when reviewing college football betting online options.

Also Watch for returning starters is a critical role with college football, Injuries are important to watch for this needs to be taken very seriously your top priority as a sports bettor when analyzing College games.

Further more It goes without saying, serious sports bettors should pay special attention to lines that first appear for the following week's college football games the first two days they are posted.

Bet NCAA Football Online

College football betting is fun for the average sports betting fan. With the increased exposure on College TV. games and the internet, online NCAA football betting is at an all-time high. It is so convenient to be able to place a sports bet from the comfort of your own home phone or computer instead of walking to the local Bookie.

If you are not in Las Vegas or Atlantic City it is still possible to place a bet right over the internet or Phone now with BookMaker Sportsbook NCAA football betting is universal and Sports bettors all over the world can appreciate it.

College football betting is a very simple process. You could be making extra cash from our Free College football picks very quickly. You know that you are already going to watch these thrilling games so why not make it a little more interesting.

NCAA Football Sports Betting Bonus

Start College football betting today and join the College football excitement at

Each week review the latest College football odds will be available by Bookmaker Sportbook for the following weeks games. These lines are the opening lines that are used as a starting point.

Throughout the week the College football gambling line will move depending on which sides are getting more action. The oddsmakers will then adjust the line to try and balance the sports betting action equally. Get your NCAA football Bonus Code at

College Football Vs. NFL Football Wagering

College Football Betting insightCollege Football Wager offers more excitement than NFL football betting.

For example, Most College football games can have a point spread with a 38 point dog.

The reason why is that you will find that NCAA football games average a much higher scoring in each game. something you will never see in the NFL.

If this NCAA football game were to actually happen this College football season, the College football Odds would look something like this:

College Football Bet Example:

  • Navy +21
  • USC -21

What this means to someone betting on USC is that in order to win your wager, they would have to beat Navy by more than 21 points in order to win the bet.

But someone betting on Navy would need them to either win the game out right or lose by less than 21 points against the College Football Odds. If the scoring margin were to be exactly 21 points, the game would be called a push and neither better would win or lose money. It is simply a draw.

Another type of football wagering is NCAA quarter betting.  This allows you to bet on whatever happens Only in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarter of a game.

There are two spots in which football quarter bets are a decent play:

1. When your liking a big underdog in a college game and are able to get better than +7 across the board in all four quarters. Often times sharps will look to get 7 "and" the hook (1/2 point) or better hoping that their underdog covers a one touchdown margin more often than not during the game or better yet over the course of the season. With that being said, it's all about more wins than losses (beating 52.38% ) over the course of the season.

It's a well known fact that college football favorites over 30 points have a poor rate of covering the spread so this may be a great value bet in certain spots.

2. A GREAT spot for a first quarter bet is a team that gets out of the box quick. Often times the bookie already knows this and it's factored into the line however there can be some great value found in small college football and basketball games.

Outside of the two notes listed above, quarter betting is fairly worthless (in our estimation) and not something to spend too much time on.

NCAAF Individual Conference Previews

Here are the individual conference break downs for each conference. If you click on the conference links we will also break down each school team by team sorted by conference.

SEC Conference Big 10 Conference
ACC Conference Big 12 Conference
Pac 12 Conference Big East Conference

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