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College Football Half Time Odds / Football Second Halves

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College Football Halftime Lines - Betting Second Half Odds

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Today, Football bettors prefer to bet the second half of the game rather than the first half of the football game, now sports bettors are starting to place their football bets after watching the first half of a particular game and are loading up on the second half.

Others are looking to hedge their bets or middle the book ( attempting to win both sides of a bet by having the game number fall in the middle of two lines wagered on opposite sides ) by going against their straight bet team in the second half.

In certain cases where bookies know that the public is going to go after a certain second half side, the number will most likely be shaded towards the favorite.

Bet on Second Half NCAA Football Odds

Football halftime wager has been increasing in popularity the past few years. And for years, football bettors have made a tremendous amount of money betting on second halves of both NCAA football games and with the halftime betting lines in NFL, but knowing how to do this is a art in the Sports betting world.

Football halftimes can be the most hectic 15 minutes of the week. The first halves of many games are ending at the same time, especially for the early games, and bookmakers are faced with the task of setting second half lines for all the football games on the board and then managing the betting odds due to the sports betting action coming in. This is the time when professional bettors, referred to as "wise guys" in the industry are looking to attack a weak number or perhaps see a second half line that holds a lot of value. The Public bettors, also prefer the second half because they often believe they have an edge because of what they watched happen in the first 30 minutes of a game.

When betting at the half, you've already had the opportunity to see what the flow of the game is, which players are shutting down their opponent on the defensive end and how each team's chemistry is playing out when matched against their opponent. This isn't to say that what happened in the first half will happen in the second half though. In fact, often times just the opposite happens. A coach goes into the locker room and makes adjustments so the team comes out in the second half with a new strategy or approach to the game if their down or not taking advantage of weaknesses that a good coach will spot. But, there is one thing you must know before you start betting second halves in football.

Knowledge is Power and knowing the right information is what makes a sports bettor money. For instance, a team that was a 10-point favorite is now losing by 7 at the half. They are a 3.5 point lined favorite for the second half. This means that you are essentially getting that team at +3.5 for the game. That is 13.5 points worth of value if you consider the opening line.

One of the drawbacks to halftime betting is that you have to be available during a limited window of time and you do not have a lot of time to study and think about your wager. Whatever you decide to do just remember to bet with your head, not over it.

College Second Half Betting Tips

Second Half Betting tips: Because you are betting on a half and not a full game, ½ points and key numbers are even more significant than usual. Always get your plays in as early as possible because the lines move fast and early money is usually on the right side.

It is important to know how half-time lines are determined. They come from a combination of the original full game line and the first half score. Only in major television games does it matter what is actually happening in the game when it comes to the opening second half line. No sportsbook, or odds service for that matter, can keep an eye on what is going in every college game on a given Saturday. This allows handicappers an opportunity to have a significant advantage on the bookmakers in certain situations.

College Football Second Half Betting Rules

This is a football wager that is made at the half of a football game and it is graded based solely on the outcome of the second half and overtime. All bets must go the full half for action (first half and second half).

All halftime football bets are calculated the same as a straight bets unless otherwise indicated. There are no teaser plays or buying of points on half-times.

NCAA Football Betting Predictions / ATS Football Picks

Looking for Free College Football picks online? - Look no farther.

Every week we'll choose a few games and preview them, give you the college football betting trends, make a free prediction and NCAA football odds on each game, and who you should be putting your money on.

Whether or not you should bet the moneyline or make a bet with or against the college football spread.

College Football Betting Picks – Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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Check back later on in the season for betting picks and previews for this years BCS Bowl games of the college football season.

College Football Betting Online

Everyone feels the pull of standing up for their team and In the end, they are confident their college team will pull through for them.

College football is one of the most exciting forms of sports entertainment. These players are playing for their future and give a full effort on every play.

College football betting begins with NCAA Division I football games starting in September and continues right through to the BCS Championship game held in January. NCAA football betting is universal. Everyone can appreciate it.

As well, there are lots of football betting options available for sports bettors at time of the year, The NFL usually only has 15 games per week for football betting players and On any given Saturday in the fall there are up to 50 college games being played from morning to midnight.

Also, what makes college football betting so exciting is that NCAA football is so unpredictable. Continue

NCAA Football Over/Under Totals

College football betting on sides is the most popular form of sports betting another way to bet football is with the over/under or totals that are posted on the sports betting screen. Totals, also known as over/under are yet another alternative to betting sides with the point spread. Over/under sports bets are simply betting on whether or not the two teams will reach a combined score that goes over or under the posted number set by the oddsmakers. Continue

Bet on Football Games via Your Mobile Phone

NCAA Football Sports Betting Bonus

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