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College Basketball ATS Betting Lines & Predictions

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College Basketball Sports betting Odds & NCAA Over/Under Totals

Basketball Betting OnlineCollege basketball is synonymous with sports betting.

College basketball offers sports gamblers, betting opportunities nearly every day for four months.

With well over 200 teams on the NCAA basketball betting board and in an average week during the college basketball betting season there will be over 300 games on the board.

As well, every March, the NCAA Tournament brings every form of gambler out of the woodwork. You’ve got the little old lady from the reception desk, the nerd from accounting, the mailman, the jock and the CEO. Everyone wants a piece of March Madness, and while still illegal in the government’s eyes, everyone enters a bracket pool for a money prize.

There’s no denying that college basketball’s sports betting popularity has exploded during the past decade. And it doesn’t just start with the NCAA Tournament. Each year, the college basketball regular season gets underway the first week of November with a multitude of tournaments.

While the regular season offers ample opportunity for gambling on college basketball, with sometimes more than 100 lined games on a Saturday, the most exciting time to wager on the hardcourt hoops is March. Not only can you gamble on every NCAA Men’s Division I Tournament game, the NIT, CBI and CIT have matchups to bet on every day of the week as well.

This is the time of the year where everyone takes off work early on Thursday and Friday to catch all the mania that goes with the NCAA March Madness Tournament, and all the College basketball betting lines those games bring.

If you can’t get to Las Vegas to gamble on the March Madness odds, then you just have to find an online betting sportsbook to place your bets. Gamblers Palace vouches for every recommended sportsbook on its list so you will never be disappointed.

So before you go and place a bet this college basketball season, be sure to look through this site for all of our gambling information and sportsbook recommendations so you always will have the current College basketball odds.

Odds to Win 2018-2019 National Championship

Duke +500

Kentucky +550

Gonzaga +750

Kansas +850

North Carolina +1000

Nevada +1200

Villanova +1500

Virginia +1800

Oregon +2500

Tennessee +2500

Indiana +3500

Michigan +3500

Michigan State +3500

UCLA +3500

Auburn +4000

Syracuse +4000

West Virginia +4000

Florida +5000

Wichita State +5000

Purdue +5500

Texas Tech +6500

Florida State +7000

Virginia Tech +7000

Kansas State +8000

LSU +8000

Cincinnati +8500

Miami, Florida +8500

NC State +8500

Ohio State +8500

Texas +8500

All of the other teams are listed with odds of +10000 or more.

College Basketball Top Teams Predictions

Villanova Wildcats Michigan Wolverines Kansas Jayhawks Duke Blue Devils Virginia Cavaliers
Texas Tech Red Raiders Loyola Chicago Ramblers Xavier Musketeers Purdue Boilermakers Gonzaga Bulldogs
Michigan State Spartans Cincinnati Bearcats West Virginia Mountaineers North Carolina Tar Heels Clemson Tigers
Tennessee Volunteers Kentucky Wildcats Florida State Seminoles Kansas State Wildcats Nevada Wolf Pack
Ohio State Buckeyes Houston Cougars Auburn Tigers Texas AM Aggies Wichita State Shockers

Bookmaker Introduces Live In Game Basketball Betting

Bookmaker NCAA Basketball Betting Bonus

Bookmaker Sportsbook is one of the leaders in the gambling industry, especially for United States customers, and this year, as we get set to start another betting season, the sportsbook is back with yet another fantastic feature!

Live betting at Bookmaker - Live betting is a way to make money by placing bets after the game has gone off the board.

At commercial breaks, Bookmaker will have live betting available with a point spread and a 'total' on select games. As always, live betting works just like normal betting with adjusted spreads.

Bookmaker expanded into baseball, Tennis, basketball, MMA, Football, Soccer games and Golf Matches.

You're still usually betting on the end result, but the odds change as the ball moves down the field. Continue

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  • 1. Click on the Join now icon, fill out the registration form to get your user id.
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College basketball 100% deposit bonus

College basketball XML live scores

NCAA Monthly Schedule

College Basketball Sports Betting Tips

Introduction of Las Vegas College Basketball Odds and basketball betting picks - When most basketball sports bettors make their college basketball betting picks, they usually call upon college basketball stats and their knowledge of sports to try to determine which team has the best chance to cover the spread.

To increase your percentage of winning your college basketball picks, to beat the Vegas odds over the long run. You must start by analyzing the opening basketball lines. Las Vegas Oddsmakers in Vegas will produce a opening line for a College Basketball game, in witch the line will start to move in one way or another, this is Your Ticket to Pinpointing which teams oddsmakers and insiders think Will cover the line in that particular basketball Game. college basketball lines are filled with valuable indicators that can be used to pinpoint which teams oddsmakers and insiders think will cover the line in a given game.

The key to College basketball odds is to understand that Vegas oddsmakers' use college basketball lines and college basketball point spreads as an instrument for dividing the betting action in half for any given game.

The very existence of College basketball betting and point spreads are because it gives Las Vegas oddsmakers an element of control over how the population as a whole decides to bet in any given sports betting event. Because as you shall see, the line for a game is not the oddsmakers' assessment of what the difference in final score will be. It is an assessment of what particular basketball point spread number will draw even action from the combination of sports bettors. Vegas' oddsmakers are only concerned of trying keep the sports betting action split between each side. Doing so allows Vegas or the sportsbook to make their money off the juice.

Of course, when college basketball lines and College basketball point spreads are moved, it can also sway sports bettors who have already placed a bet on a game and then possibly "put down" additional action on that game Or to even reverse their direction and bet the other way to try to hit both sides and some of these games seem like they are almost a lock. College basketball betting is not as difficult as many people may think. Continue

College Basketball First Half Lines - NCAA Fisrt Half Basketball Lines

A lot of sports bettors concentrate on the full basktball game lines, when placing thier basketball bets and most basketball bettors don’t even pay attention to the 1st half betting lines. Perhaps they should.

Some bettors prefer to get results right away, and then get more bets in later in the game. The best way to get any kind of sports betting action on basketball is to bet on basketball first half lines or basketball quaters.

As well, first half basketball lines can offer exceptional value for the smart handicapper.

There are some cases where you can get a more accurate read of the first half than on an entire game. In cases like that, first-half betting might be a sound alternative to normal straight bets. Obviously, these bets can only be made on sports with halves, so that means basketball and football, in the first two quarters. The final score is of no consequence.

Your basic lines and totals are set for just the first half of the game and the outcome of the wagers will be decided after 24 minutes of play instead of 48 (or more in case of overtime). Continue

Sports Betting App - Download Free Mobile Application

Apple App Store Sports AppSports bettors have never had it so good thanks to the latest range mobile sports software that are designed to keep you abreast of all the sports betting action.

At Gamblers Palace our mission is to provide you with a reliable guide to best sports gambling applications available today.

Our free Sports Betting App section features live odds, betting trends, scores, breaking injuries and more. It's fast-loading and easy to use, with powerful customization options. Continue

In the table below there are links to all of the College basketball betting information available at Gamblers Palace.

You can click on any of the links anytime to read up or receive all the NCAA College basketball betting information you could ask for!

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