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Bitcoin Sports Betting Deposit - Bitcoin Sportsbook Benefits and Features

Bitcoing Sportsbook BankingU.S. Gamblers have new way of depositing and withdrawing funds online anonymously. So if you are one of the many sports bettors that are looking for a better deposit and withdrawal option, then Bitcoin could be your answer.

Did you know that you can bet on sports and fund your account using Bitcoin? That’s right, Bitcoin’s virtual platform is enabling gamblers to get around regulations banning online betting.

Bitcoin recently set an all-time high in terms of value and online bookmakers and Casinos highly prefer Bitcoin to other deposit methods. Bitcoins are virtual currency unconnected to any country, unlike other currencies on earth. It has no physical form in paper or coin, but instead computers "mine" bitcoins by generating new ones at specific duration and depositing them into virtual bank accounts.

So if you are looking for a way to bet on the NFL Football games and have 24-hour to access to Bitcoin, the gambling sites we list below are by far your best alternative.

NFL season will be here sooner than later, and the football betting action takes fans from NFL Preseason games in August to the NFL Super Bowl with plenty action in between.

Bitcoin Bonus

The first thing you need to know is that deposits are almost instantaneous and there are no limits or fees regarding withdrawals.

1. Free and instant deposits/withdrawals of any amount, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

2. The sportsbooks save ample amount of money in transaction processing and charge backs, which allows them to give you better odds.

3. Betting anonymously makes it impossible for a sportsbook to limit you for winning too much or to sell your details and credit card information.

4. Betting anonymously makes it easier to avoid legal restrictions and tax burdens.

Players can also fund their sportsbook account using GreenDot MoneyPak, and other payments are also accepted, including credit card and person-2-person transfers.

Bookmaker Crypto Currency Bonus

How Bitcoin Works

If you want to send money to a sportsbook using Bitcoin, it is a very simple process.

First, you need to buy some Bitcoins. That is done by setting up an account with a Bitcoin exchange. This doesn’t cost anything and it allows you to put money into the exchange and buy and sell Bitcoins.

For example, let’s say you go to one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges like Coinbase or Bitfinex. You set up an account with them, which can include linking your account to your bank account. You then transfer money from your bank to the exchange. Once the transfer is complete you can buy Bitcoins. You can then go to your favorite sportsbook and make a Bitcoin deposit.

And keep in mind that Bitcoin is not controlled by any bank or any government, so it has no regulations. It is a virtual currency that gives players a way to keep their anonymity and also keep transfer costs low.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Advantages

Many sportsbooks are now offering incentives to use Bitcoin that include deposit bonuses. As noted earlier, sportsbooks have found Bitcoin to be an excellent money transfer method, so they are offering incentives for their customers that use Bitcoin.

Once you have set up your Bitcoin account, the transfer of Bitcoins to the sportsbooks is easy and fast. Unlike many methods that can take days, Bitcoin transfers are normally completed the same day, oftentimes within minutes. If you are tired of using credit cards and banks to send money or get money to and from sportsbooks, then Bitcoin is your best option.

Anonymity was mentioned earlier and it is a huge advantage to using Bitcoin. You don’t have to provide much information to sportsbooks and you don’t have to provide much when you set up a Bitcoin account.

Another advantage to using Bitcoin is that you are not going to have your transaction denied. The problems U.S. players face when using credit cards or banks are not an issue with Bitcoin users because this currency is not controlled by the government. Bitcoin transactions are going to go through, period.

Bitcoin Popularity

Bitcoin is the anonymous online currency that has been gaining traction in recent months with a handful of more mainstream outlets, including Walmart, Seven Eleven and now, online gambling sites, are embracing the new Bitcoin payment platform.

Not only is Bitcoin popular with traders, as the stock price of Bitcoin recently set an all-time high at $1400, but it is popular with sportsbooks because it is a cost-effective, and reliable way to transfer money.

How often have you tried to deposit or withdraw money at a sportsbook and had trouble with credit cards, banks or wires? Sportsbooks have had the same issues, which is why they love Bitcoin. They don’t have to deal with the chargeback risk when using Bitcoin, and there are no banks involved.

Sports betting players always want anonymity and Bitcoin is the perfect cyber currency for anonymity. It is also a low-cost option for players to send and receive money at sportsbooks, and bicoin transactions are fast.

Bitcoin History

The cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, was invented in October of 2008 and released in 2009. The system is known as a peer-to-peer system of transfer taking place from one user to another. The transactions are recorded on a blockchain and they use Bitcoin as the unit of measurement. According to a Cambridge University study, there are between 3 and 6 million Bitcoin users. That number is up more than 300 percent in just the last four years.

Bitcoins are stored in what are known as Bitcoin wallets. These electronic wallets are used to hold or store Bitcoins and they can be used to buy or sell Bitcoins. The encryption system used by Bitcoin is a public-key cryptography that is automatically created for each Bitcoin address and for each Bitcoin transaction. The Bitcoin address, or key, is the only way that Bitcoins are identified. Many users choose to generate a new Bitcoin address for every transaction.

Already feeling lucky? Here is a list of reputable digital currency sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin, and what they can offer you should you choose to gamble your Bitcoin there.

Gamblers Palace offers all the Online Sports Betting Deposit Info - Sportsbook Betting Tips - Sports Betting Online from the comfort of your own home.

After filling out a simple application form you will be betting online within minutes.

Plus, the sportsbooks that we list on our site are offering a HUGE cash E-Currency bonus just for opening an account.

Top Rated Sportsbooks That Accept Bitcoin E-Currency Deposits

Rank Reviews Sign Up Bonus Live Betting Mobile USA
1 Bookmaker Deposit $300 and get a $300 bonus  Yes Yes Yes
2 BetDSI 100% bonus up to $500 Yes Yes Yes
3 MyBookie 100% up to $1000 Yes Yes Yes
4 BetCRIS 20% up to $500 Yes Yes No
5 JustBet 25% up to $2500 Yes Yes Yes

Sportsbook Depositing Options

US Gamblers have new way of depositing and withdrawing funds online anonymously.

BitCoin vitual platform is enabling gamblers to get around regulations banning online betting.

Bitcoin is the anonymous online currency that has been gaining traction in recent months with a handful of more mainstream outlets, including Walmart, Seven Eleven and now, online gambling sites are embracing the new Bitcoin payment platform.


Litecoin is a digital currency used over the internet. Litecoin is mined in the same way that Bitcoins are. What makes Litecoin an improved upon version is the Litecoin Network tries to process what is called a “block” approximately every 2 and a half minutes compared to 10 by Bitcoin. This is meant to yield a faster transaction confirmation. View Sports Betting Sites and Casino's that accept LiteCoin

Ethereum Sports Betting Sites

Ethereum is a crypto currency, that launched in June, of 2015 and has recently become very popular with the online sports bettors.

This relatively new crypto currency platform, allows sports bettors to send and receive payments through the internet without central authorities, taxes or regulations, much like Bitcoin. View Sportsbooks and Casinos that accept Ethereum

Ripple Sports Betting Sites - Bit Bank of Japan

Bit bank, the Japan-based crypto exchange is the only exchange in the country that allows dealings and deposits/withdrawalsBanks now have a means to stay protected from hacking incidents, and this is through the latest developments initiated by Ripple. A blockchain-based fintech services platform, Ripple has devised a way to address the threats and risks that stem from the increasing cases of theft among banks worldwide. With this feature, even Bitcoin gamblers can be at ease that their funds will be more protected and that a blockchain technology is behind it. View Sportsbooks and Casinos that accept Ripple

Skrill Sportsbook Deposit Online - Skrill Sports Betting Account

With the invention of gambling and auction sites, there has always been the need for secure payment methods that don’t necessarily require credit and debit card details to be shared. This is where payment options like Skrill come in. View Sportsbooks and Casinos that accept Skrill

Monero Sports Betting Deposit - Monero Sportsbook Benefits & Features

Monero cryptocurrency is based on privacy, security, and untraceability. With Monero, you keep your online gambling private.

Monero (XMR), is a relatively little-known cryptocurrency that launched in April 2014 and has become popular in online gambling industry for its privacy features (which are not yet available in Bitcoin). Despite Monero lacking the same popularity Bitcoin or Ethereum, the coin has slowly risen to fame over the last few years and is now accepted at a number of online gambling sites. Continue

Dash Coin Sports Betting Deposit - Dash Coin Sportsbook Benefits and Features

If you have heard of cryptocurrencies being used such as Bitcoin, then you might feel interested in the idea of using Dash Coin too.

While many crypto-currencies provide a similar offering to Bitcoin, Dash is the only truly anonymous coin available – It is just like using cash or credit card in paying for what you have bought. View Sportbooks and Casino that accept Dash Coin

Western Union Cash Transfers

Depositing via Western Union cash transfers may be one of the most reliable and best deposit methods for sports bettors in the United States. Depositing to an online sportsbook through Western Union is like any other cash transfer at Western Union. View Sportsbooks that accept Person To Person Money Transfers

Greendot Moneypak

Greendot Moneypak is a highly flexible prepaid payment method that allows you to transfer funds to a variety of destinations, including prepaid cards, such as Visa or MasterCard (their website has a list of the prepaid cards that they partner with), as well as digital wallets such as Paypal. View Sportsbooks and Casinos that accept MoneyPak


Neteller is a very popular deposit method and secure way to transfer funds directly to your Sports betting account. NETELLER is an e-wallet solution that operates like an online bank account which you can transfer money to and from. To make a deposit by NETELLER you will first need your own personal NETELLER account. View Sportsbooks that accept NETELLER deposits

Bank Wires

Did you know that bank wires can be used to deposit into your sports betting account? It's one method that sports bettors need to be aware of, now you can fund your online sportsbook account via your personal bank account. View Sportsbooks that accept Bankwire Transfers to fund you sports betting account

American Express - AMEX

Looking for a American Express Sportsbook? Many sports bettors aren't aware that it's possible to use American Express to deposit at online sportsbooks. If you are an AMEX card holder and want to use it to fund your sportsbook accounts there are several ways to do it. You can fund your sports betting accounts via your personal Amex Card, or pre-paid Amex Cards which can be purchased at convenience stores. View Sportsbooks that accept AMEX Transfers to fund you sports betting account


Click2Pay sportsbooks makes it simple to bettors around the globe. E-wallets are usually the best deposit method, at Online Sportsbooks, but Click2Pay is the next level to most other e-wallets. Click2Pay provides you with an anonymous and secure deposit method. They employ the highest levels of security and encryption available. View Sportsbooks that accept Click2Pay sportsbook Deposits


MoneyGram makes it affordable, reliable and convenient to send funds to sports bettors and receive money or make payments. Sports bettors do not need a credit card or a bank account to send money with Moneygram. You simply take cash to the Moneygram location and you will pay a nominal fee to transfer this cash to the location of your choice and will be available for pickup in minutes. View Sportsbooks that accept MoneyGram Deposits