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Bet Football Over/Under Totals - Over/Under Win Totals

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NFL Sports Betting Totals - College Football Over/Under Total Odds

Bet Football Over Under TotalsNFL football and College football betting on sides is the most popular form of sports betting another way to bet football is with the over/under or totals that are posted on the sports betting screen.

Totals, also known as over/unders are yet another alternative to betting sides with the pointspread. Over/under sports bets are simply betting on whether or not the two teams will reach a combined score that goes over or under the posted number set by the oddsmakers.

You will find that the more sophisticated football sports bettors, also known as “Wiseguys” will, in fact, focus on totals and play them for more money than sides. There is a lot more intelligent sports bets on football totals than there is on sides.

It is important to be careful betting totals as such factors as weather and injuries often cause a mass movement among the general betting public that the oddsmakers are primed for and have already adjusted their numbers in preparation of the increased action towards a certain play.

It is more likely for a sports bettors to place a total bet over the line because It is just human nature to want to cheer for points to be scored.

Most bettors are fans and fans like points so the Over is always a popular choice for recreational bettors.

This results in the totals typically moving up over the course of the week. However, professional bettors know this and bet enough Under to keep bookmakers honest and the posted totals fair.

A simple rule for betting totals though is to bet the Over early in the week and the Under late. This won’t always work but if you track this rule over any length of time, you should see it holds up as a general trend.

It may come as a surprise but there is a total on every NFL game of the preseason, regular season and playoffs. For some reason the totals are overlooked by many NFL bettors and that is their loss.

Totals (All Sports)

When you bet on totals you are betting on whether the total points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the posted total. For football and basketball the payoff for a winner is $100 for every $110 wagered unless otherwise noted.

It is customary that when making a bet that you put up the juice as part of your wager. Therefore, $110 will be wagered if you specify a $100 total bet. For baseball totals the total points seldom moves. Instead, line moves are done by applying a money line to the total.

Therefore, your payoff will depend on the money line at the time of the wager.


Teams Line Price Total Price
St Louis Rams -11 -110 47 -110
Arizona Cardinals +6 -110 38 -110

Bet example:

St Louis Rams over 47, risking $110 to win $100.

Arizona Cardinals under 38 Risking $110. to win $100.

Bet on Football Over/Under Totals at

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Live In-Play Football Betting Online

Bet In Play football OddsTheir are benefits that a NFL bettors can find by initiating their football bets in-play, as opposed to taking the Opening odds on their preferred competitor. Both styles of betting options have merit, and both play an integral role in the sports bettor’s journey towards success and profitability.

Knowing when to use one and when to use the other is what defines the fine line between success and failure.

Remember your goal of being a consistently profitable long-term sports bettor means using every weapon in your arsenal, and being one step ahead of everyone else.

With practice and structured commitment you will be more accustomed to fine tune a sports betting strategy which is best suited to your style of personality. Continue
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