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NFL Power Rankings - Pro Football Power Rankings - ATS Stats

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NFL Football Team Betting Stats - 2019 NFL Power Rankings

Pro Football Online BettingHere at Gamblers Palace, our NFL Power Rankings are going to differ just a bit from the run-of-the-mill rankings you see on other websites. While those power rankings approach NFL teams from a statistical standpoint, we focus on the good stuff…gambling.

NFL Power Rankings at Gamblers Palace are exactly what the gambler needs. We take into account all the normal power ranking components such as offensive and defensive efficiencies, injuries, strength of schedule, NFL rivalries, revenge, weather, scheduling situations, home-field advantage and coaches, but we compile all of those into a edge for the handicapper.

You will see that our NFL Power Rankings focus on each team’s win-loss record against the spread. We highlight good spots in the coming week to possibly play, or fade, a particular team. Our writers will highlight football teams on the rise, and on the decline.

NFL Power Rankings are updated weekly so you’ll want to check back every Monday for fresh information on how to bet the NFL.

NFL Football ATS Rankings - 2019 NFL Gambling Stats

Power rankings - Love them or hate them, they’re the lifeblood of many a NFL bettor’s process of picking and choosing spots to wager upon all season. We’re going to do things a bit differently to gauge just how accurate linemakers depictions of every team is by keeping track of scoring margins and see how they correlate to records against the spread. If a team is routinely outscoring opponents, its likely covering spreads in the process. We put that to the test over the course of the 2018 NFL betting season, and the results were certainly eye opening. Eleven of the 12 teams that qualified for the playoffs comprised the top 12 spots of these rankings. According to them, the Steelers should be in and the Cowboys out.

1: New Orleans Saints +9.4 ( 10-6 ATS ) ( L3: -4.3 ) New Orleans closed the season with the highest scoring margin of any of the 32 teams in the league. To nobody’s surprise, Sean Payton’s squad earned a first round bye and home field advantage through the playoffs. Drew Brees and company are going to be a tough out for all that invade the Superdome over the next couple weeks.

2: Kansas City Chiefs +9.0 ( 9-6-1 ATS ) ( L3: +8.0) There won’t be a first round exit for the Chiefs this season. That’s because Andy Reid’s squad earned the top seed in the AFC and gets a week off before retaking the Arrowhead gridiron in hopes of advancing in the playoffs. Patrick Mahomes just put forth a historical campaign, but does he have the chops to lead KC to the title?

3: Los Angeles Rams +8.9 ( 7-8-1 ATS ) ( L3: +10.3 ) Even with Todd Gurley out of the mix the final two games, the Rams cruised to a pair of wins and covers against the Cardinals and 49ers much to the pleasure of NFL bettors that laid the heavy chalk in those contests. Hopefully Gurley is 100 percent for the stretch run because a rematch with the Saints in the dome would be pure pigskin nirvana!

4: Chicago Bears +8.6 ( 12-4 ATS ) ( L3: +8.7  ) Regardless of what happens in the postseason, The Monsters of the Midway 2.0 put forth a memorable campaign that has the franchise situated for playoff runs for years to come. We all know the defense will show up every step of the way, but does Mitchell Trubisky have the confidence and moxie needed to go on the road and pull off huge upsets against the heavyweights?

5: New England Patriots +6.9 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: +13.3 ) What a joy it must be to close the season out against the Bills and Dolphins year after year! That’s exactly the scenario that took place these last two weeks, and it likely has many in Foxboro confident about their team moving forward. Not so fast! This Pats team is flawed and it’s going to show the moment it runs up against an opponent with a pulse.

6: Baltimore Ravens +6.4 ( 8-8 ATS ) ( L3: +7.3 ) Every week for the last seven weeks has been a playoff game for the Ravens. This is arguably the most battle tested of the 12 teams in the playoffs with it fighting for its playoff lives since Week 11. With one of the most electric running games and a dominant defense in tow, Baltimore looks primed to make a deep run at offshore sportsbooks provided it still has something left in the tank.

7: Los Angeles Chargers +6.2 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: +1.0 ) Philip Rivers and the Chargers are back in the playoffs after a four-year hiatus. LA was a chic selection to make the playoffs this season with it showing so much promise a year ago, but just failing to make the cut after getting out to a slow start. No excuses this time around. They’re in, so let’s see what they got to offer! If it’s anything like what they did at home against Baltimore weeks ago, their stay will be short.

8: Indianapolis Colts +5.6 ( 8-7-1 ATS ) ( L3: +13.3 ) Hats off to Frank Reich and his staff for completely turning the fortunes of the Colts’ franchise around. Much of that has to do with Andrew Luck being healthy, but I digress. The Colts didn’t face the toughest of regular season schedules, but the team looks to have the goods to pull off a couple shockers along the way. Beat the Texans in Houston again and anything can happen!

9: Houston Texans +5.4 ( 7-8-1 ATS ) ( L3: +7.3 ) Bill O’Brien’s squad is one of the bigger paper champions in recent memory. The caliber of opposition taken on was a flat out joke yet they still only managed a 7-8-1 record versus the closing NFL odds. Good teams win, great teams cover! Remember that when this ship goes down in flames this Saturday afternoon.

10: Seattle Seahawks +5.1 ( 9-5-2 ATS ) ( L3: +2.3 ) I’ll be the first to admit that I was flat out wrong about the Seahawks this season. I personally hammered their season win total under 9 and honestly felt like I was stealing. To my shock, the Seahawks went on to win 10 games and picked up steam as the season came to a close; damn you Arizona! With a punishing run game and fortuitous defense that forces turnovers and gets after the quarterback, the Cowboys couldn’t have asked for a worse first round opponent.

And the Rest... 

11: Pittsburgh Steelers +4.2 ( 8-7-1 ATS ) ( L3: +2.3 )

12: Philadelphia Eagles +1.2 ( 7-9 ATS ) ( L3: +11.0 )

13: Minnesota Vikings +1.2 ( 8-7-1 ATS ) ( L3: +9.3 )

14: Dallas Cowboys +0.9 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: -5.0 )

15: Tennessee Titans +0.4 ( 8-8 ATS ) ( L3: +3.3 )

16: Carolina Panthers -0.4 ( 7-9 ATS ) ( L3: +0.7 )

17: Atlanta Falcons -0.6 ( 5-11 ATS ) ( L3: +14.0 )

18: Denver Broncos -1.2 ( 6-9-1 ATS ) ( L3: -9.3 )

19: Green Bay Packers -1.5 ( 6-9-1 ATS ) ( L3: -10.7 )

20: Cleveland Browns -2.1 ( 11-5 ATS ) ( L3: +2.3 )

21: Detroit Lions -2.2 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: +4.0 )

22: New York Giants -2.7 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: -6.3 )

23: Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4.2 ( 8-7-1 ATS ) ( L3: -5.7 )

24: Jacksonville Jaguars -4.4 ( 6-9-1 ATS ) ( L3: -3.3 )

25: Washington Redskins -4.9 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: -10.0 )

26: Cincinnati Bengals -5.4 ( 9-7 ATS ) ( L3: +1.0 )

27: San Francisco 49ers -5.8 ( 5-11 ATS ) ( L3: -6.0 )

28: Buffalo Bills -6.6 ( 7-9 ATS ) ( L3: +4.7 )

26: New York Jets -6.8 ( 5-10-1 ATS ) ( L3: -16.0 )

29: Miami Dolphins -7.1 ( 7-9 ATS ) ( L3: -19.7 )

31: Oakland Raiders -11.1 ( 6-10 ATS ) ( L3: -11.0 )

32: Arizona Cardinals -12.5 ( 7-8-1 ATS ) ( L3: -17.0 )

NFL Betting Predictions / ATS Football Picks

Weekly NFL football picks and opinions presented on this site. Gamblers Palace offers NFL picks based on fundamental team strengths and schedule match-ups.

We are NFL football enthusiasts, using basic unit-on-unit analysis to make logical weekly A+ football picks against Vegas odds. We are NOT football picks re-sellers or "consensus" betting players. We recommend a sound football betting strategies.

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NFC Divisional Teams Betting Report

Overview of what the National Football League NFC divisional teams added and lost in the off-season, along with witch 2019 NFC divisional teams will be tuff to beat. As well, a recap of last season and some wagering advice will also be included.

NFL Sportsbook Betting Spread - The King of Sports Gambling

NFL Football has never been more exciting!

There is nothing quite like NFL Football to top off a relaxing weekend and with the addition of fantasy football betting action, adding fuel to the fire, the Nation Football League still remains at the top as, America's most watched sports event.

Every week, football fans can watch multiple NFL games on any of the national TV networks like ABC or NBC including the CBS Sunday Night football and the ESPN Monday Night Football game.

Whats even better, wagering on NFL televised games, is definitely more exciting sports betting option, since you can watch the football games unfold.

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Preseason Football Betting Tips

First thing, you should start with is, reading the local papers. NFL preseason is one time of the year where ‘coach-speak’ is extremely important.

It’s also one time of year where the coaches are willing to reveal their game plans in their entirety By perusing the local papers, it’s quite possible to gauge what a coaches philosophy will be for any given game, as well as learning about the expected player rotations. Knowing who is going to be on the field in the 2nd half, when the point spread outcome is likely to be decided, is crucial.

Check out the quarterback rotations! Look to bet on teams with experienced veterans playing against 3rd and 4th string defenses in the 2nd half of preseason games. More NFL Preseason Information

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In running betting, in-play betting or live online betting is probably the fastest growing sports betting option that online bookmakers currently offer today.

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Still need more reasons to bet Football Online?

If you are new to betting on the NFL, we offer a number of simple guides to get you started. In a matter of minutes you will be able to read point spreadsmoney lines and future bets.

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Bet NFL Team Rivalries Online

Every year, the NFL football Season has a few games on the schedule that just makes footbal betting fans waiting in anticipation. There have been many rivalries throughout NFL history.

Some of the best are Steelers vs. Cowboys/Raiders, 49ers vs. Cowboys, Raiders vs. Chiefs, Packers vs. Cowboys, and so on and so forth. Most of those have died out.

Now it's time to recognize a new generation of rivalries. Check out the latest NFL Rivalry Matchups that are on tap for this NFL betting season, that football bettors just can't wait for! Continue

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