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Basketball Prop Bets - Basketball Proposition Betting Lines

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NCAA Basketball Prop Bets - NBA Basketball Propositions

Gamblers Palace provides the latest updates, scores, high lights, and information you would ever need to bet NBA basketball online.

Knowing how to bet basketball online is just as important as knowing where to bet. When it comes to online sports betting!

So sit back and relax, as we provide you with the latest basketball odds and betting lines on every Online sports event.

When the College basketball season tips off, a lot of basketball bettors, start thinking about March Madness props - like who will win the national championship.

Basketball Proposition Bets ( Exotics )

A proposition bet is a very specific bet offered by the house. It is a basketball bet based on the outcome of certain elements within an event. You are only required to select the outcome.

The individual bets have titles that explain on what event or action or player the wager is placed.

Another thing to remember when betting college basketball is totals are not available on every game. So don’t worry if you don’t see totals on college basketball all the time.

For the most part, only the major conference games and television games get totals.

Sometimes the NBA betting odds and college basketball lines, basketball bettors will run into games that have lower limits.

NBA games can get circled if a key player is injured.

College basketball games get circled for the same reason and games from smaller conferences may be circled because the team and the players are not well known.

Basketball Proposition bets are much more common on the big games, so look for those options when the opportunity arises.

Basketball Sports Betting Prop Introduction

Basketball Prop Betting Odds

Proposition bets are always money line bets: A proposition bet is a very specific bet offered by the house. The individual bets have titles that explain on what event, action or player the wager is placed. Proposition bets are always money line bets, some in the form of totals bets, side bets or just utterly unique.

Rather than attempt to explain the vast array of proposition bets, we'll give you a few sample proposition bets that show just some of the possibilities.

Simply put, Proposition/Exotic Bets may generally be considered as any bet other than a straight "side" or "over/under" bet.

More specifically, these bets usually involve specific events and occurrences that happen throughout any given game.

BookMaker Sportsbook delivers hundreds of parlays, teasers and other NBA basketball betting options every day. Daily NBA basketball Odds and huge basketball betting specials.

There are also many other miscellaneous basketball Props and Exotics bets that our top sportsbooks will be offering.

Some College basketball props betting Options:

  • Player vs. player to score the most points.
  • Who will have the most assists in the game.
  • Team to make the most 3 point field goals.
  • Team to get the most rebounds

Bet College Basketball Quarter Lines

Another option of basketball betting you might like to place a bet on is quarter by quarter basketball betting. You can bet on basketball teams for a particular quarter. These lines are set before the game and must be bet before the game is underway. Halftime lines are available as soon as the game goes to the half.

From time to time you will also see proposition bets available, especially in the NBA. You will see props on the amount of points, rebounds, or assists a certain player will have for that game.

Bet College Basketball Over Under Totals

A profitable basketball bet that is often times overlooked are College basketball totals.

In NCAA Basketball, the over/under is a standard wager in which bets are made on the total number of points that will be scored by both teams. Bettors wager on the total either being over or under a certain amount.

Just like betting on the spread or moneyline, you have one of two choices with an over/under bet, making it an even odds wager.

College basketball totals work the same way as football or NBA totals and the bettor risks $11 to $10. Continue

Bookmaker Sportsbook Introduces Live In Game Basketball Betting

Bookmaker Basketball Sports Betting Bonus

Bookmaker Sportsbook is one of the leaders in the gambling industry, especially for United States customers, and this year, as we get set to start the NBA betting season, the sportsbook is back with yet another fantastic feature!

Live betting at Bookmaker here Live betting is a way to make money by placing bets after the game has gone off the board.

At commercial breaks, Bookmaker will have live betting available with a point spread and a 'total' on select basketball games. As always, live betting works just like normal betting with adjusted spreads.

Bookmaker allows sports bettors to place in play bets on NBA or NCAA basketball games. Live in-game basketball betting can attract up to ten times the volume over traditional moneyline or spread betting.

You're still usually betting on the end result, but the odds change as the ball moves down the court. Sign up today and start In Game betting at

Sign up now for your free account, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1. Click on the Join now icon, fill out the registration form to get your user id.
  • 2. Log into your account, enter the cashier to make a deposit.
  • 3. Place your bets and start winning. It's that easy.

In the table below there are links to all of the basketball betting information available at Gamblers Palace. You can click on any of the links anytime to read up or receive all the basketball sports betting information you could ask for.

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