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College Basketball Sports Betting Odds and Predictions

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College Basketball Betting Odds - NCAA Tournament Predictions

Bet College Basketball OddsBasketball betting is one of the most exciting times of the gambling season and only gets better with College hoops.

NCAA basketball gambling is one area where it is quite easy to make a profit and betting on NCAA basketball is enticing because there are over a 100 games to bet in a period of one week.

Teams from all over the country play each other and the basketball betting action is electrifying.

Betting on top NCAA basketball players in the world, battle it out on such a huge stage makes for some great excitement.

The kind of excitement that can only be topped by having money on the games, either in the form of College basketball wager or even betting on the March Madness tournaments.

You can place money on favorites or underdogs, over and under, or even the money line. Use your vast sports knowledge and a little luck and begin winning tons of cash.

Before you go and place a bet this season be sure to look through the site for all of its features and bookmark us, so you always will have the current College basketball odds.

NCAA NIT Quarterfinals Tournament Predictions - College Basketball ATS Betting Odds

March Madness is here. That means the action on the college hardwood is currently at a fever pitch, and it’s only going to get better as we get closer to the National Championship Game. Here’s a look at what is coming up this week in the NCAA Tournament with the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight, plus the quarterfinals of the NIT.

2019 NIT Semifinal

Preview: The Final Four of the NIT is set with the Wichita State Shockers, Lipscomb Bison, Texas Longhorns and TCU Horned Frogs all set to lace ‘em up one more time in hopes of reaching Thursday’s finals to possibly attain some championship glory. We’ve got some solid matchups to break down, and I fully expect my NIT semifinals odds and picks to fatten up the bankroll for once the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament picks back up on Saturday night. Here’s to making some green! Continue...

2019 NIT Championship

The Finals of the NIT is set with the Lipscomb Bison and Texas Longhorns set to lace ‘em up one more time in hopes of cutting down the nets in one of the most holy of basketball cathedrals. I backed both squads in the semifinals at offshore sportsbooks, so the matchup comes with little surprise. Each team possesses star power and has played a fabulous brand of basketball to get to this point. But there can only be one winner, so let’s break it all down and see if we can’t come up with that winning side and total! Continue...

Sweet Sixteen Tournament Predictions

The Seminoles went a putrid 3-of-20 from deep, and while that helped me cash a ticket with Gonzaga, it prevented me from cashing in on the over. Thankfully that loss was the only of my four total plays on Thursday night. Tennessee and Purdue ended up racing by the closing college basketball odds in regulation even before the game went to overtime. Then there was the two expected snoozers with Texas Tech skunking overrated Michigan to cash an easy under ticket followed up with the Oregon and Virginia game also playing to a low scorer. Continue...

NCAA Tournament Predictions - Elite Eight

The lone loser proved to be the Gonzaga Bulldogs who simply couldn’t prevent Texas Tech from answering every one of their scores throughout the second half. The winners included both overs as well as the Virginia Cavaliers who briefly had the number covered in regulation but still ended up bringing home the bacon with a pair of crucial made free throws at the tail end of overtime. Continue...

How To Bet College Basketball Odds

Basketball betting Odds Information: The Odds on a basketball game are used to indicate - for betting purposes or for interest - the odds makers' opinions as to the probable outcome of the match.

The point spread - also called "the line" or "the spread" - is used in football and basketball as a margin to handicap the favorite team. For betting purposes, the oddsmaker predicts that the favored team will win by a certain number of points.

This number of points is the point spread. The favorite is always indicated by a minus sign ( e.g. -5.5 ) and the underdog by a plus sign ( e.g.+5.5, or simply 5.5 ).

If you bet on the favorite, you win your bet if the favorite wins and their margin of victory is greater than the point spread.

If you bet on the underdog, you win if the underdog wins, ties, or if the favored team wins but fails to exceed the point spread.

With point spread bets, you must generally wager $110 to win $100.

Betting on a point spread or money line is sometimes called betting "sides" - that is, betting that one side or the other will be the winner - while betting the over/under is referred to as betting "totals".

The over/under is the number of points odds makers expect will be the total score for the contest ( both teams combined, overtime included ).

You bet on whether the total points scored will be more or less than this number.

NCAA basketball betting advice and NBA Basketball betting tips

know your teams: This includes player transfers, stats, coaching staff and the basketball schedules. It is good to know when your team is playing at home or on the road.

Home court advantage is always good thing to have. Keep track of team injuries.

Team Motivation: Be aware of the importance of a game to team members. When A team has already qualified for the final, the coach will most likely play his starters or the team may not be motivated to win the present game. Where as other teams facing a must-win situation will be highly motivated to win.

Be selective: Do not bet with your heart - Avoid Betting on your favorite team ( unless they are the reigning champions ), Bet only on matches that you consider a value bet.

Bookmaker NCAA Basketball Betting Bonus

Bookmaker delivers hundreds of parlays, teasers and other College basketball betting options every day.

Whether you're betting on a NBA or NCAA game, basketball gambling has never been easier.

Bet on basketball with a parlay, teaser, or straight bet. NBA basketball gambling or college basketball gambling with either a point spread or with a money line, it is up to you!

Also, Bookmaker Sportsbook brings you the opportunity to place your basketball sports bets via your mobile phone.

Bet on basketball today and start winning big!

NCAA March Madness Basketball Betting

March Madness Sports BettingIf you think the sports betting season ends after the Super Bowl, maybe you don't know about the excitement of March Madness college basketball betting.

Like football betting, March Madness basketball betting is based on point spreads and totals, so it's just as easy to place a bet.

Also, March Madness basketball betting may be easier, because it's easier to handicap than football betting.

The March Madness college basketball season opens for betting in mid March and runs until early April when the big Final Four showdown occurs.

With 64 games in three weeks, you can guess why they call it March Madness and there are plenty of opportunities to bet on college basketball. More March Madness college basketball betting.

Sports Betting App - Download Free Mobile Application

Apple App Store Sports AppSports bettors have never had it so good thanks to the latest range mobile sports software that are designed to keep you abreast of all the sports betting action.

At Gamblers Palace our mission is to provide you with a reliable guide to best sports gambling applications available today.

Our free Sports Betting App section features live odds, betting trends, scores, breaking injuries and more. It's fast-loading and easy to use, with powerful customization options. Continue

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You can click on any of the links anytime to read up or receive all the NCAA College basketball betting information you could ask for!

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