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Tiger Woods - Betting Against Woods After Zero For Four Major Championships is Bad Idea

Tiger Woods

Golf Betting Online: When it comes to smart sports wagering you can’t just jump off or on bandwagons as popular players such as Tiger Woods lose or win golf tournaments and your hard earned cash.

I can understand for those of you that were betting Tiger Woods to win the Major Golf Championships this year how disappointed you may be, but get over it already.

Woods has won 5 PGA Tour events this year, and if you were following my advice all year made quite a chunk of change including 11 to 1 on your money at the Arnold Palmer Invitational where he had won 7 times. Talk about easy money.

I will give you a few things on being disappointed with Tiger Woods including the most important Major stat that he now has gone 5 straight years without a Major victory since winning his 14th career Major Championship.

I could mention his golf statistics this year in the Majors where he hasn’t broken 70 all year besides the first round at Muirfield for The British Open Championship and many more, but I have other things in mind for you.

I mentioned his 5 wins this year, and there were many great golf odds payouts on those victories for a Tiger Wood betting scenario. He may not have won any Major Golf Championships this year, but he hasn’t been as far out of them as you think.

I would argue that in The Masters he would have won that golf tournament if not for the 15th hole in the second round. His third shot to the par 5 was so tight that it hit the flagstick and spun back into the water. He took a drop that was deemed to be illegal which gave him 2 extra strokes as a penalty. By my calculations that would be at least 5 strokes he lost there. Well, he ended up finishing only 4 strokes behind winner Adam Scott.

In The British Open Championship he was tied for the lead late in the 3rd round at Muirfield so he wasn’t far off. Even though his weekend play did not turn out well at The PGA Championship play, do not get mad and think you will get even by not betting Tiger Woods golf odds again, because you will do just the opposite and lose out on better payouts for the golf bettor.

A week before this PGA Championship, Tiger Woods played flawlessly at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational winning by 7 strokes over Keegan Bradley and Henrik Stenson in what was more of a clinic than golf tournament. He paid better than 4 to 1 on that easy win for easy money, and you can NOT stop wagering on Tiger Woods if you are smart.

Tiger Woods is number 1 in the FedExCup standings for the year and favored to win it again, so why not try and take advantage of this opportunity to make a higher payout number with higher golf betting odds than usual.

Come on people this is Tiger Woods we are talking about here, and you do not want to make your wallet suffer because you lost on him at another Major Golf Championship bet. Suck it up, forgive and forget, and most of all bet Tiger Woods again and again when I tell you to.

The key to betting Tiger Woods golf odds is not when you are happy or disappointed in his lack of playing up to his potential but more of what golf bets available will maximize your money by playing smart golf bets, and of course always listening to me.