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Super Bowl LIII Live Betting

Patriots vs. Rams Odds

Though the New England Patriots will enter Super Bowl LIII installed short favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy for a NFL best sixth time, that doesn’t mean you’re locked into only playing the pre-game side, total or money line. Along with the bajillions of props available, you can bet the game as it plays out in real time on the live betting platform; one of the industry’s best mind you! So if you’d rather hit the Patriots as an underdog, wait to see if the Los Angeles Rams get out to an early lead. If you expect some points to be scored but think both squad’s nerves get the best of the early on, hold off and see how the game plays out in hopes of getting a better total to attack. The possibilities are endless!

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

Date and Time: Sunday, February 3, 2019, 6:30 p.m. ET

Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

Opening Super Bowl Odds: New England PK, 58.5

Super Bowl LIII TV Coverage: CBS

First and foremost, you need a solid plan of attack any time you decide to live bet a game. It doesn’t matter if its football, baseball, basketball or tennis. You don’t just want to jump in head first as that could get you in a lot of trouble real quick if things start to spiral out of control. Before you know it, you’ve leveraged yourself out of a number of positions and your bankroll pays the brunt of it. So, if you plan on backing New England at a better number in this matchup, you’re going to be looking for the Rams to get out to an early lead. Vice versa for Los Angeles who will be taking back a pretty number should it fall behind the GOAT almost immediately.

Take for example this scenario. New England gets out to a quick 10-0 first quarter lead only five minutes into the game. New England’s opening drive resulted in a Stephen Gostkowski field goal strike, and then the lead was increased to 10 due to an errant pass thrown by Jared Goff that was picked off and was taken full advantage of by Sony Michel took after he rumbled into the end zone just three plays later. The Rams will likely be 6.5 to 7.5 point underdogs on the live betting lines heading into their second possession of the game. However, if you avoid the impulse of buying into the Rams too early and instead wait until New England reclaims possession of the football without a Los Angeles score, you might be able to squeeze a +10 to +10.5 out in-game which would give you more bang for your buck. Of course, you have to hope Los Angeles keeps the Pats off the scoreboard on the next drive for the wager to hold water – that’s why they call it gambling!

That exact scenario played out in the NFC title game when the Rams fell into a 13-0 first quarter hole that could’ve just as easily been 21-0 had the Saints not settled for a pair of field goals in the red zone and instead punched it in for six. LA not only went on to cover the readjusted 9.5 point spread, but went on to win the game outright in overtime to reel live bettors in a handsome readjusted reward on the money line!

Total bettors can take the same type of approach regardless of whether you put your money down on the under or over pre-game. If on the over and the game gets out to a horrifically slow start, you might want to think about hitting the over on the readjusted live betting lines for at minimum a quarter size of your full wager so as to alleviate some of the cost should the game ultimately play to a low scorer. Heck, you might even think about going 50 percent of the wager if not all of it! Just think how thrilled you would’ve been had you been holding onto a full game over ticket in the AFC title game and bet into the readjusted total numerous times. After the game went into overtime and the 37-31 final score actually ended up surpassing the 56 point closing total, all numbers were crossed and you went on to cash each and every ticket!

Personally, I’ll be looking to get better numbers with the Rams and over in Super Bowl LIII since that’s how I foresee it ultimately playing out. However, should the game not actually go as planned early on, I’ll be logging into my account at and putting in safeguards that hopefully allow me to recoup as much money as possible should LA not stick within 2.5 points and the combined score not go over 56 points. Either way, enjoy the game and commercials but just know live betting is there to help you out should your pre-game wagers fall into an early hole.

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