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Super Bowl LIII Betting Props

NFL Super Bowl LIII Predictions

The big boys all come out to play when the big game arrives, and that will no doubt be the case once again in Super Bowl LIII when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots go hunting for a sixth ring against a Los Angeles Rams team many believe stole their bid to the grand stage. Big money will be thrown down on this game, and a bulk of the action will be tied to the inordinate amount of props offered up for the biggest spectacle in sports. is at the forefront in prop options to wet your whistle, so let’s dig into some of the more off the beat type options and see if we can’t pick out some winners.

New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

Date and Time: Sunday, February 3, 2019, 6:30 p.m. ET

Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA

Opening Super Bowl Odds: New England PK, 58.5

Super Bowl LIII TV Coverage: CBS

Will the Winning Team Accept Offer to Visit White House: Yes -700 No +445

Though the current administration isn’t the most popular that graced the grounds of the White House due to that government shutdown thingy, how could anyone on the Rams or the Patriots pass on the opportunity to pig out on some of the greatest fast food cuisine the United States of America has to offer? Seriously, did you see the 5 star meal the defending National Champion Clemson Tigers got to indulge in? There were Big Macs as far as the eye can see! All kidding aside, the Patriots are a lock to accept the invite should they ultimately come out on top; we’ve all seen Brady donning a “MAGA” hat before. Throwing a couple shekels on “Yes” at -700 odds won’t win much, but it will bring back more than you started with and that would have President Trump’s seal of approval.

If the Rams win, there’s no chance C.J. Anderson allows his teammates to prevent him from attacking that buffet line!

How Many Times will Brady be Called GOAT During CBS Live Broadcast: 0.5 Over +184 0.5 Under -228

If you don’t believe Nantz or Romo refer to Tom Brady as the GOAT, or “Greatest of All time” for those not in the know, you don’t think New England wins Super Bowl LIII. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend matching your play on the under of 0.5 at -228 odds with a wager of an equal amount on the Rams money line at +118 to win the game. You know darn well he’ll be going down in the NFL history books as one of the best to ever play the quarterback position. Love him or hate him, the proof is in the pudding. And this has all been determined regardless of the Pats finding a way to bookend Super Bowl triumphs against the Rams at top rated sportsbooks.

Having said that, I don’t believe you’ll hear those words come out of either of the broadcaster’s mouths should Los Angeles come out victorious. The only way it does is if the confetti falls and New England owns the higher tally on the scoreboard. It’s a shame we can’t run correlated parlays with the four options, but it is what it is. You think you hear GOAT, bet the Patriots. If you don’t, pair that belief up with some action on the Rams.

Will a Play Tony Romo Predicts Result in a Touchdown: Yes +191 No -265

If you took the AFC title game in live between the Pats and Chiefs, you were left speechless with the wizardry of Tony Romo. It was nothing short of a joy to hear the former quarterback call out the shots moments before they played out exactly as described time after time after time. His ability to do so had sportsbooks scrambling to get him involved with their prop offerings for Super Bowl LIII. While a number of calls proved to be correct on the field of play, none resulted in a big play that put points on the board. originally released “No” at -280 and “Yes” at +200. They don’t think he’ll call a touchdown play. But as you can see by the line movement, the early money believes one of his shot calls will result in a scoring play. I have to say I agree. Funny how Romo or the Dallas Cowboys never had a Super Bowl betting line attached to them in his playing days, but he does now that he’s calling the game from a booth. It’ll be his first

Super Bowl appearance and I fully expect him to make the most of it - Look for Romo to bring his “A” game to the telecast and predict a scoring play before it happens!

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