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Puppy Bowl Betting Picks

NFL Super Bowl Predictions

What began as a tongue-in-cheek counter to the non-stop coverage dedicated to the Super Bowl has evolved into a TV extravaganza. Each year the Puppy Bowl has become more and more popular and now the event is the second-biggest television draw on Super Bowl Sunday after the game itself. This year’s event is expected to draw a huge crowd and will air on loop all throughout the day on Sunday. With its quirky rules it may be surprising to see betting on this, but as we have come to learn, if something is popular enough there will be wagering on it.

Puppy Bowl 13
Date and Time
: Sunday, February 5, 2017, 3 p.m. ET
Puppy Bowl Odds at Team Ruff -6
Puppy Bowl 13 TV Coverage: Animal Planet


For the first 10 years of the Puppy Bowl, there was no score kept and people just watched puppies playing on the field. However, two years ago, Animal Planet decided to split the puppies into two teams and make it a competitive match. Under this format, Team Ruff has dominated Team Fluff, winning Puppy Bowl XI by the score of 73 to 45 and last year’s Puppy Bowl 70 to 44.

This year’s event may give us an idea into what producers of this show are thinking long-term. Presumably, the puppies are just randomly divided into teams but another big win for Team Ruff would lead some to believe that the game is played with a finger on the scale. The producers could be setting this up like the Harlem Globetrotters did for decades or WWE does with the Undertaker, but only time will tell.


Archimedes is a Otterhound/Lab Mix and looks to be one of the spunkiest puppies around. He is a 15-week old male puppy from Virginia and has the size to run around, over, and through the competition in order to reach the end zone. He has drawn comparisons to Michael Vick with his size and scrambling ability and might be the key for Team Fluff to finally break through and get a win over Team Ruff.

Hailing from the same shelter as Archimedes, there is a lot of buzz about Doobert. For the first time ever, the Puppy Bowl will be showcasing disabled and special needs puppies as well, and Doobert will be one to keep an eye on. Doobert is a deaf English Pointer that is 15 weeks old and plays no different than the other puppies that will be on the field. He will be showcasing his abilities for Team Ruff on Sunday.

Foster is one of the oldest puppies that will be playing Sunday at 19 weeks old. He is also going to be one of the largest puppies that we see. Compared to some of the other puppies that we will watch, he is a giant out there, capable of bulldozing over other puppies like Derrick Henry did over defenders during his time at Alabama. Foster is going to be a beast defensively if motivated and could force some turnovers for Team Ruff.

Fortunately, Team Fluff has an older, larger puppy of its own to match up against Foster and it will be one of the opposite sex too. Hope is a 19-week old Labrador/Hound Mix from New York and if she brings that tough demeanor to the gridiron than it could be a bad day for the opposition. She looks like she has a mean streak to her and might illicit memories of great New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor with her play. Provided she stands strong against the big boys, she will be one to keep an eye on for MVP.


Let’s be honest, it’s kind of crazy that there is an underdog and a favorite in this sort of thing. There is no information that has come out to make us believe the outcome is predetermined or slanted in any way and the puppies are assumed to be evenly split. With that being the case, betting on the underdog Team Ruff is the right thing to do here. Even better, if you can grab them on the moneyline, do that for a small amount of cash.