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Antonio Brown penalties for excessive touchdown celebration in 2017-18 NFL regular season

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Scoring a touchdown in the NFL isn’t the easiest thing to do, so when it happens a celebration is well deserved. And nobody celebrates a score the way Antonio Brown does. Brown found new and different ways to rejoice after reaching paydirt and his antics proved costly to the team in terms of yardage for the penalties assessed, and in Brown’s wallet. The NFL has loosened its rules on end zone celebrations for 2017 and Brown should again have plenty of opportunities to test the league’s new rules.

Number of Antonio Brown penalties for excessive touchdown celebration

Over 1.5 ( -160 )

Under 1.5 ( +130 )

Brown is no stranger to the end zone and he took the celebration from the simple spike to another level with his ingenious ways of putting an exclamation point at the end of a score. Now Brown and the rest of the NFL will have more freedom in their celebrations with the league relaxing its hard-line stance.

But you know Brown will test the limits and his twerking and hugging will still be outlawed. He should have plenty of opportunities to learn what is acceptable. Brown caught 12 touchdown passes last season and has 35 scores over the past three seasons. The Steelers are expected to have an elite offense in 2017 with Ben Roethlisberger launching passes and Brown on the receiving end.

Key Factor

Brown was flagged so many times and fined thousands of dollars by the league for his celebrations in the old NFL. In an attempt to bring some flair back, the league loosened its view on celebrations after discussion with current and former players. Roger Goodell sent a memo to teams and fans saying the NFL wants “a more exciting game experience.”

Often criticized as the No Fun League for its tight restrictions on end zone celebrations, the league has decided to take a different approach in 2017. Under the new guidelines, players can now do several things that were punishable offenses in the past.

Group celebrations are now allowed, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the game. Teams risk a delay of game penalty if they rejoice for too long. The use of the football as a prop is also allowed in 2017. Players can also fall to the ground and roll around on the field. These are drastic changes from what we’ve seen in the past and Brown is already working on routines for once he reaches the end zone.

NFL Free Picks

No player in the league was happier to hear the news about the league’s relaxed stance on touchdown celebrations than Brown. Last season he was flagged and fined on three separate occasions for his post-touchdown maneuvers. The new guidelines are still subjective and can be taken differently by each official. But there will be some wiggle room for Brown and he better be careful when it comes to twerking and “sexually suggestive” celebrations because those are still flaggable offenses.

“I’m excited about it and I look forward to celebrating with my teammates,” Brown said in an interview after the new policy was delivered to the clubs. Of course group celebrations are now allowed under the guidelines and as long as AB sticks to that he’ll be fine.

However, as we’ve seen, nobody has as much fun after scoring a touchdown than Brown. Many of his moves would be considered legal by today’s guidelines, but there are the few times he went overboard. The gyrating hips after scoring against Washington would fall under the “sexually suggestive” umbrella and would be punishable. And who could forget the hump of the goal post. That was the best, and again a penalty, last season and this season. Brown will score his share of touchdowns giving him the opportunities to display his moves, and you know he’s going to push the envelope.

NFL Prediction: Antonio Brown OVER penalties for excessive touchdown celebration