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Depositing Bitcoin at BookMaker

Cryptocurrency Sports Betting

Do you know how easy it is to deposit Bitcoin at BookMaker? It has become easier than ever to make a Bitcoin deposit at BookMaker and more than 90% of the customers at use Bitcoin to make their deposits and withdrawals. If you haven’t used Bitcoin to send and receive money then it is time to take advantage of this excellent deposit method. There is no question that Bitcoin is simply the best way to send funds to BookMaker. Let’s look at just how easy it is to deposit Bitcoin with BookMaker.

Making a Bitcoin Deposit

If you already have a BookMaker account and you are familiar with Bitcoin, the process of making a deposit is simple. If you are not yet a regular user of Bitcoin there is a process you will need to go through to get set up, but it is well worth it. Let’s look at both scenarios, first assuming that you are already familiar with Bitcoin.

To make a Bitcoin deposit at BookMaker you simply log in to your account and go to the Cashier. You click on deposit and choose Bitcoin as your deposit method. You then enter the amount you wish to deposit and a Bitcoin address is generated. You then copy that Bitcoin address using the copy and paste feature. You then go to your Bitcoin wallet and click on the link to send Bitcoin and you paste in the address you copied from BookMaker. You then send the same amount of money you put into the BookMaker cashier and your funds should be credited within minutes to your Sportsbook account.

Making Your First Bitcoin Deposit

If you have never set up a Bitcoin wallet then you will need to choose one before you make your deposit. You will need to open an account at a Bitcoin exchange and put funds into that exchange using a credit card, bank account, check, etc. It is similar in many respects to opening an account at Paypal. The Bitcoin exchange allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin and to send and receive Bitcoin. There are a number of excellent Bitcoin exchanges including Coinbase, Coinmama, Kraken, etc.

Bitcoin Basics

The best way to think of Bitcoin is as an Internet currency that is traded on exchanges just like the dollar, pound or peso is traded. You can buy and sell Bitcoin and send and receive Bitcoin just like you would the dollar. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and they are not controlled by any central authority or government.

The basics of Bitcoin are that you buy it and then send it. In the case of a BookMaker deposit, the Bitcoin currency is then converted into dollars that go into your account at BookMaker. When you withdraw funds, the currency is converted back into Bitcoin and then sent to you.

Bitcoin Safety

The one thing that always worries gamblers when it comes to sending and receiving money is security. Is Bitcoin safe and secure? The answer is definitely yes. Bitcoin is really just like using cash and you are in control and there is no government controlling Bitcoin. You do have to setup a Bitcoin wallet, but it is no different than what you would do when opening a bank account. You take the same precautions you do when banking and that means using two-factor authorization and you keep your passwords protected.

The ability to send and receive money using Bitcoin has been a huge plus for gamblers playing at BookMaker. The last thing bettors want to worry about is the safety of their money and Bitcoin has proven to be a reliable, safe and fast way to send and receive money. As noted earlier, more than 90% of the customers at BookMaker are using Bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals.

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