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Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez - Boxing Wagering and Drug Testing Collide is Shocker

Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez Odds

Boxing Betting Online: Timothy Bradley will defend his WBO Welterweight Championship Belt against Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas for the fight of the year if boxing drug testing protocol is followed.

If you can believe it, Timothy Bradley is the underdog by boxing wagering lines against Juan Manuel Marquez in the midst of a possible boxing drug testing problem before the fight.

We can only hope that jackass Bob Arum would go away at some point and quit trying to rule our boxing world.

Timothy “” Bradley (30-0-0, 12 KOs) + 130 vs Juan Manuel “Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KOs) - 160

Timothy Bradley or Desert Storm as he is known to fans, homeboys and his large entourage alike will get tested like he never has I believe in this fight against Marquez. The problem Bradley seems to have could possibly be overconfidence about his alleged youth compared to his opponent and diminished killer instinct in his last 2 fights.

The whole youth thing that Bradley seems to bring up didn’t hold much mustard in my eyes until this latest problem that Juan Marquez is having with the drug testing. Either known shyster Bob Arum from Top Rank or Juan Manuel Marquez or both of them want Nevada to handle the drug testing instead of what is in the contract signed by both boxers.

According to Timothy Bradley and other sources that seem correct to me, the original and signed contract states that USADA or VADA handles all his boxing drug testing, and if Marquez isn’t down with that the fight could be off for now.

Bradley did an interview with Boxing Scene Radio this week and said, “My contract says VADA USADA is going to be involved. There’s nowhere that says a third party is going to be involved. I spoke to Keith Kizer earlier this week with Marquez and everybody on the phone, and I let him know what my concerns were.” Kizer is the NSAC Executive Director by the way.

I hate to see this ugly part of sports get in the way of my boxing wagering on what appears to be the fight of the year and maybe the decade if it plays out right. I may be stretching it with the decade with Bob the Knob Arum involved.

Basically, I think Arum is exactly who is pulling strings and messing everything up. Bradley has a decent beef with this process as far as I am concerned, and if the signed contract says this is the process then it should be just like that.

Marquez is getting up in his years but looks and fights amazingly. I believe if the Bob Arum camp and Juan Manuel Marquez do not give into this contractual obligation and F%*& this up, then it is because they both know Marquez is juicing and will be exposed by such a test. Bradley is obviously not worried in any way, and now maybe he has a point always going back to his YOUTH as such a big advantage in this fight.

Boxing drug testing has been around plenty, and when I see someone trying to change the rules like Bob Arum and Juan Manuel Marquez it shades me towards thinking they are guilty. I could be totally incorrect because the boxing wagering odds are up for this fight, and I can’t WAIT to see it.