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Knockout Kings II - SHOWTIME Makes Bet on Boxing Action With Berto vs Soto Karass and Thurman vs Chaves

Berto vs Soto Karass Predictions

Boxing Betting Online: SHOWTIME Championship Boxing is bringing a Triple Header Boxing showdown called Knockout Kings II with two-time Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto battling Mexican favorite Jesus Soto Karass.

This triple header tagged “Knockout Kings II” should live up to that name with all 3 of these bouts having a great chance to end in knockouts which you can specifically bet on boxing propositions.

This SHOWTIME boxing event put together some powerful punchers to live up to the desired outcomes.

Andre Berto (28-2, 22 KOs) vs Jesus Soto Karass (27-8-3-0, 17 KOs)

As Two-Time Welterweight World Champion Berto talks about this entire fight card being excited, it is obvious he is pumped up about his new team that he says will help his dedication to winning another world title.

He is talking all kinds of smack that I must tend to believe. Berto lays it out saying, “I let the big show get away from me twice, once against Victor Ortiz and once against Robert Guerrero. I’m coming to San Antonio focused.”

Both of these fighters try to build up the other for ticket sales while knocking them down with mild smack talk like Berto saying Karass is a good fighter but not too spectacular. The fact that Jesus Soto Karass says he has followed Berto’s career and always wanted to fight him sounds a little ridiculous, but it could make for some entertaining fighting.

Some of the talk I can only hope happens as with Karass pressing his hope for an arena full of Mexicans and Mexican Americans. He wants his fan base to witness this fight event which is labeled “Knockout Kings II” which he promises “to try to make sure it lives up to its name.” We hope so too Jesus.

Omar “Panterita” Figueroa (21-0-1, 17 KOs) vs Nihito Arakawa (24-2-1, 16 KOs)

This event has extra meaning for Figueroa Jr., who is himself a young Texas fighter building a fan base as an undefeated welterweight contender so far. His current hot streak will be tough to continue with 4 of his last 5 wins being by a 1st round knockout. He will fight Arakawa for the vacant WBC interim lightweight title which you can bet on boxing odds and boxing propositions before the fight.

Nihito Arakawa is a 31 year old southpaw from Tokyo, Japan that has guaranteed to give Figueroa some new looks. He is a Japanese and OBPF Lightweight champion, and in the spirit of this action packed triple header, says he will put on a great show and take the title back with him.

Keith “One Time” Thurman (20-0, 18 KOs) vs Diego Gabriel “La Joya” Chaves (22-0, 18 KOs)

Keith Thurman claims to not know his opponent, Argentina’s Diego Chaves, who is his opponent and holder of the WBA interim welterweight belt he will be fighting for on Showtime with the Golden Boy/Haymon group.

That is humorous because Thurman just got done making a name for himself as a dominating fighter on HBO and alleges that he doesn’t know the 27 year old fighter that he could beat to capture his first world championship title.

Chaves is on a five fight knockout streak including his 2nd round knockout over Ismael El Massoudi last year in July to win the WBA Interim Welterweight World Championship that Thurman will be attempting to take from him. Both of these fighters are knockout boxers, and I expect this bout to end by stoppage and probably a knockout before round 8.

The fighters Thurman has been knocking around are notably more reputable than Chaves’ list of victims, but that doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a given loss for the Argentinian boxer. We may discover that list is just a bit more legitimate than what it is given credit for.

Knockout Kings II seems to be a credible fight card that will live up to its billing, and for those of us who bet on boxing that is great news that this will be nonstop action in the ring.