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BAM BAM vs PAC MAN - Brandon Rios vs Manny Pacquiao Betting Odds Favor a Knockout By the 10th Round BUT

Brandon Rios Vs Manny Pacquiao Odds

This 12 round welterweight battle between Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao should be a close but physical fight with both fighters sounding as if they are taking extra steps in their training to prepare for war.

Many are saying this sensational boxing production for betting Brandon Rios vs Manny Pacquiao in China may be the largest in magnitude for that region of the earth since The Thrilla in Manila when Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier in 1975.

Brandon BAM BAM Rios ( 31 – 1 - 1, 23 KOs ) + 335 vs Manny PAC MAN Pacquiao ( 54 – 5 - 2, 38 KOs ) - 425

By now everybody has heard about Manny Pacquiao coming off 2 losses in his most recent outings. The loss almost a year ago to Juan Manuel Marquez was basically cut and dry because PAC MAN got beat by a stoppage in the 6th round, and the other one was the highly disputed loss by split decision to Tim Bradley.

That loss in June of 2012 is really not that controversial when you consider how many upper level boxing matches actually end like that. You could say that the 2 victories Pacquiao had over Marquez before he got his bean clocked were controversial because he lost both of those in my opinion.

I guess I am pointing this out to make sure you know what kind of an animal we are dealing with not in the fighters but in the filthy promoters and shady judges when you are betting Brandon Rios vs Manny Pacquiao odds.

It is a very interesting read to hear what Pacquiao has to say about those 2 losses, one of which he still says he won and the fight against Marquez that he gives deep insight about his learning lessons.

Pacquiao said he heard the 10 second sound in round 6 and since he had Marquez wavering thought he would blast him for something to think about between rounds. He said, “but I was reckless, careless, in my attack, and Marquez landed the perfect shot. I watched the replay in my suite that night, and I knew that I made a major error in a fight that I should have won and was winning. But that’s boxing.”

PAC MAN said he didn’t lose any sleep over it, but he is coming into this fight lean and mean, and to get ready for Brandon Rios he started training a full 4 weeks earlier than he is used to. He stared with 6 weeks conditioning and then 6 weeks boxing for his 12 week total training.

BAM BAM is also coming off a loss by unanimous decision in March giving Mike Alvarado the revenge he sought after Rios stopped him in the 7th round the 1st time they met.

Rios believes because he beat Alvarado the 1st time they met that he would train for that same guy instead of anticipating a different and more prepared Alvarado. He says he basically got overconfident because of that victory and vows to be ready for the best Manny Pacquiao ever.

On the loss in his last fight, BAM BAM said he is moving forward, explaining “was a blessing in disguise, because I lost the fight to the cards a very close fight. On the other hand, I won something else. I won the experience, the experience to never be overconfident again. To always train for all scenarios, and that’s exactly what I am going to do.”

When you hear BAM BAM vs PAC MAN it sounds as if this fight will end early with a knockout, but I am saying these 2 fighters are too focused to brawl and Brandon Rios vs Manny Pacquiao Betting should be on a decision, not a knockout.