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MLB Betting: Dodgers vs. Red Sox World Series Props

MLB Point Spreads

Here we are. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox are the two teams left standing after a wild regular season and a surprisingly uneventful postseason aside from the NL Wild Card game and NLCS. Despite the road to get here, we’ve finally reached the pinnacle of the baseball season: The World Series. Right now, four wins is what stands in the way of blissful victory and tormenting painful defeat. Los Angeles depth with the latter last year, can they get the former this time around?

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox
Date and Time
: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 8:09 p.m. ET through Wednesday, October 31, 2018, as needed.
Location: Fenway Park and Dodger Stadium
MLB Odds: Check Back Later
Dodgers vs. Red Sox 2018 World Series TV Coverage: FOX

There are several outstanding questions heading into the 114th World Series beyond just: who will be victorious. These are two elite offenses. How many runs can they score? How many home runs can they hit? We saw a record last year. Many questions hinge on just how deep this series will go. We’ve been spoiled with seven-game affairs the last two years. Can this series replicate that? We’re about to find out.

With such a great matchup, you can count on to make it easy to cash in.

Prop bets are plentiful when it comes time for the World Series. This is the Super Bowl of the baseball season and while it last up to seven games and doesn’t have the one-time hype of the NFL’s pinnacle event, it does offer plenty of betting options at BookMaker.

Whether you’re looking to bet on number of pitchers used, series MVP, number of games, Boston’s outfield alignment in an NL park, or a plethora of other situations, BookMaker has you covered with every line and spread you need to know, including the following.

How Many Games in this Series?

This is the key question to several prop bets. Will this be a well fought, tightly contested series or will a team run away with it?

We’ve had back-to-back series go seven heading into this year, but that’s not all that likely. Early on the World Series was nine games. Since going to the seven-game format, the series has needed all seven games just 34.9-percent of the time. Overall, we’ve seen a Game 7 in just 31.25-percent of World Series.

It’s been a bit more common in recent years. There have been three seven-game series in the last four years and five in the last seven. Is that a trend or a statistical anomaly? It’s hard to tell, but we’ve gotten some good matchups in recent years and this appears to be another.

The Sox and Dodgers have very comparable teams. Boston has been a bit more prolific offensively, but the DH is a part of that. These are the two best teams in their respective leagues in scoring runs. They’re also two teams with identical bullpen ERAs.

Los Angeles has the better starting pitching by the numbers, but the gap is seemingly enough to cover the Sox’s superior offense. These teams are evenly matched despite a gap in regular season wins.

These two teams are also very deep and feature young, sabermetrically minded managers willing to go with the numbers. The teams are similar enough to expect a tight series and a deep run. Is it fair to expect another series to go the distance? Probably not, but it’s certainly possible and a long series—meaning at least six games—seems highly likely.

Who Will Win Series MVP?

It’s not always the names you expect the most. We’ve seen players like David Ortiz, Madison Bumgarner, Manny Ramirez and Randy Johnson win the honors in the past. The superstars on a team are superstars for a reason: they’re good.

Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are the odds-on favorites for the trophy in Boston’s clubhouse with Chris Sale a leading contender on the mound. For the Dodgers, Manny Machado is a likely pick. He leads the team in postseason homers. Clayton Kershaw, despite his previous postseason hiccups, has thrown well this October and could certainly already guarantee his Cooperstown plaque with a dominant World Series.

Those are all good options, but they’re not likely to have great odds. Last year, George Springer won the award for the Astros and came into the series cold. Nevertheless, he topped Jose Altuve and Justin Verlander for the honors. The year before, Ben Zobrist got it, not Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant. The likes of David Eckstein, Edgar Renteria and David Freese have the tendency of rising to occasion.

Yasiel Puig was the hero of the Game 7 of the NLCS can he carry the momentum? Justin Turner in the heart of the Dodgers’ lineup. Chris Taylor, however, may be the most like some of those other non-descript winners. He’s dependable. He plays all over and he gets on base. He has a .467 OBP this postseason.

Number of Pitching Changes

Welcome to baseball in 2018. The Kansas City Royals showed just how important a bullpen is when they rode their pen to back-to-back World Series appearances including a World Series win, but this year, bullpen usage when to a whole new level.

The Tampa Bay Rays revolutionized the game with the bullpening concept and got great results—albeit used out of necessity. The Milwaukee Brewers came close to doing that in the playoffs and nearly made the Fall Classic, falling to the Dodgers in Game 7 of the NLCS. In that series, we saw a historic number of pitching changes, leading to the question here for the World Series.

With the Brewers eliminated, the number of pitching changes likely won’t be as high in the World Series. The Red Sox don’t trust their bullpen too much. They have some quality arms, but Alex Cora went to Rick Porcello, Nathan Eovaldi and even Chris Sale in relief to get to the World Series.

The Sox have some questions in their rotation, but the rotation should give them some depth. The same is true of the Dodgers. The Brewers didn’t have guys like Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw to eat innings and needed to lean on the pen. The pen was their strength. The bullpen isn’t exactly a strength of either the Dodgers or the Red Sox. The relief options are, obviously, good for both or they wouldn’t have come this far, but they’re less of a strength than the rotation which should keep the number of pitching changes down as compared to the NLCS.

Baseball Betting Picks

How Many Total Runs will be scored in the Series?

This prop is totally dependent on how deep this series goes. We have to elite offenses squaring off much like we did last year, and we had some epic games, including a 13-12 contest in Game 5 that ran up the run total in that series. Overall, the two teams plated 68 runs in seven games.

While the Dodgers actually performed better, offensively, in the 2018 regular season than the 2017 regular season, don’t look for quite as many total runs this time around regardless of who many games the series goes. Still, this should be a reasonably high scoring affair. The Dodgers and hit and hit for power up-and-down the order. The Sox have two of the best hitters in baseball in 2018 along with a very strong supporting cast around them.

Boston knows how to score with or without the long ball. The Dodgers are lethal and deep, too. They struggled at the dish earlier this October but came out swinging in the second half of the NLCS. Both these lineups are producing. Runs will be scored. Look for a deeper series with plenty of runs.