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2019 World Series Odds and Preview

MLB Betting Lines

The start of the season brings optimism for every team whether hope for a World Series title this season or positive vibes on a young team building for the future. The baseball season is a grind from workouts in February to the final out of the World Series at the end of October. That World Series title is what it’s all about and here in the early days of spring, every team has a chance, well, mostly.

Last year, the Los Angeles Dodgers go to their second straight World Series, but ultimately fell short, extending their championship-less stretch to 30 years as the Boston Red Sox hoisted the trophy for the fourth time this century.

Both Boston and Los Angeles are amongst the favorites to get back to the Fall Classic and get the series win in 2019 along with some the usual suspects from the past few years like the New York Yankees and Houston Astros.

In the offseason, there was a lot of activity in the NL East with four teams building up in efforts to take the division and march on deep into October. Of those teams, the Philadelphia Phillies are the early favorites by the odds-makers.

We have a full season ahead and as the Oakland Athletics and Atlanta Braves showed us last year, surprises are going to happen. Can one of the longshot teams play well enough and deep into October to pay off big for their gutsy bettors or will the win ultimately go to one of the super teams of the American League? Or, will this be the year the Dodgers finally get over that final hurdle? No matter how this ultimately ends, one thing is certain: is the place to go to get in on the MLB futures action.

2019 MLB World Series Betting Odds at BookMaker:

Arizona Diamondbacks +10500

Atlanta Braves +2650

Baltimore Orioles +100000

Boston Red Sox +635

Chicago Cubs +1340

Chicago White Sox +27500

Cincinnati Reds +9500

Cleveland Indians +1250

Colorado Rockies +2850

Detroit Tigers +50000

Houston Astros +595

Kansas City Royals +60000

Los Angeles Angels +5500

Los Angeles Dodgers +822

Miami Marlins +100000

Milwaukee Brewers +1765

Minnesota Twins +4250

New York Mets +2250

New York Yankees +560

Oakland Athletics +3800

Philadelphia Phillies +965

Pittsburgh Pirates +10000

St. Louis Cardinals +1700

San Diego Padres +9500

San Francisco Giants +14000

Seattle Mariners +22500

Tampa Bay Rays +6000

Texas Rangers +23500

Toronto Blue Jays +20000

Washington Nationals +1150


Here before the start of the season hope is abound and teams are dreaming of tasting October glory, but there’s a long way to go before we get there.

Still, the odds seem to favor a New York Yankees versus Los Angeles Dodgers World Series. That would certainly be one with historic flare and coast-to-coast intrigued for two teams in their own sorts of World Series droughts.

The Yankees go into the season as the favorites two in it all at +560 though a number of fellow AL teams are just behind with the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox also heavy favorites. These three super teams seem all but locks to make it to the playoffs though one of the Red Sox or Yankees will be the Wild Card team again and have to survive a one-game play in, adding a layer to the equation.

Still, the first step in winning a World Series is getting a chance to play for one in October. Houston, Boston and New York are deep, talented teams that are as equipped as anyone given their rosters and the opportunities in their respective divisions, to reach the postseason. That’s key.

The Cleveland Indians are also in a good position to make it to October and while the Tribe still has a strong starting staff, their bullpen beyond Brad Hand and their entire outfield remains clouded in uncertainty, leaving doubt they can do much in the postseason even if their road to get there is rather clear.

On the National League side of the equation, the path to the Fall Classic is a bit easier once a team reaches the playoffs. The NL is lacking the super teams like Houston, New York and Boston, but instead offers more parity.

We know teams like the Miami Marlins and San Francisco Giants do not plan on going anywhere this year, but there are more teams with their eye on October in the NL than their eyes on 2020 or beyond. That’s not true in the AL.

As such, there’s less certainty which teams will be playing in October, leaving the Dodgers—who play in the easiest division in the NL with the Colorado Rockies the only real competition—and the Phillies the only squads on the Senior Circuit to have odds in the triple digits.


The Red Sox, Yankees and Astros are fair picks, but they’re chalk. The same is true of the Dodgers and, after the Bryce Harper signing pumped this team up, even the Phillies.

The Chicago Cubs have the best odds of any team in the NL Central thought the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals are both interesting picks. Odds makers and projection systems alike discredit the Brew Crew due to uncertainty in the rotation, but Milwaukee has a dynamic bullpen and is built like the old Royals teams: bullpen first and just enough starting pitching.

The Brewers have enough arms to make it through the season in the rotation, particularly if Jimmy Nelson comes back healthy and effective. There are some prospects that may be ready to make the jump. If the rotation is sorted out effectively this team could easily build off the NLCS appearance of a year ago.

As for the Cardinals, they’ve improved their position throughout the last year, starting with a midseason managerial change and focus on improved bullpen and defense in spite of the names and contracts in place. Add in Andrew Miller and Paul Goldschmidt and the lineup and pen have immediately taken huge steps forward since the end of the year.

St. Louis had a strong second half, but ended up short of October. If they carry that momentum and build on it with the additions, this team could be as good as any in the NL.

Generally speaking, NL teams are the best bets for those teams with odds in the quadruple digits. The NL East has a few interesting choices as well. Though with both the East and West, getting to October is challenging. There’s a lot of competition for the division and with all the parity, it’ll be hard to amass the wins to get to October as there’s not a lot of weaker teams to beat up on.

In the NL West, however, it’s the Dodgers and the Rockies. Even if Colorado cannot overcome L.A., they have a clearer shot at a Wild Card than those in the other NL divisions as they play the San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks multiple times a year. The D-Backs are without Goldschmidt, the Giants did little to improve this offseason, and the Padres did add Manny Machado and do have a strong farm system, but their window is still a few years away.

Another long shot option is the Minnesota Twins. The Twinkies have been on an every other year cycle the last few. They won 70 in 2014, jumped 13 games in 2015 and appeared on their way up, but lost 103 in 2016 before bouncing back to reach the Wild Card game in 2017.

Last year, Minnesota fell a bit, winning just 78 games as key players like Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton had lost seasons.

Now, in 2019, the team has a new manager, some key additions and an underrated pitching staff. The AL Central is bad outside of an Indians team due for a regression with a lot of holes.

The 2019 Twins could surprise. They’re worth throwing a bit down on the chance they pay off. Eddie Rosario is a good player. Nelson Cruz and Marwin Gonzalez were underrated additions. The pitching rotation has potential if Jose Berrios continues to grow and Michael Pineda can prove he’s healthy. And the bullpen has some electric arms.

There are plenty of questions for the Twins, but they wouldn’t be longshots otherwise. Things certainly have the chance to play out well for Minnesota.


The Yankees are a good pick. They added James Paxton and have one of history’s best bullpens to go with a lineup that can out mash any in the game. It’s a stacked team with a ton of depth. Brian Cashman really out did himself assembling this group. They’re equipped to withstand injury and have an upper hand on the Red Sox given their bullpen questions in a post Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly world.

As for the Astros, they’re replacing 60-percent of their rotation from last year and taking from their bullpen to do so. Houston’s still a strong all-around team and a good pick, but the Yankees may have an edge.

Of course, both New York and Houston are quite chalky and neither are great value plays. Though they are, by far, the best choices to actually pay out.

If you are looking for the best value for the risk, the Rockies are a sneaky pick. Their young pitching continues to develop and the stadium could play as an advantage in October given the light air and size. It’s a different experience than any other stadium in the game.

Offense always plays in Colorado, but the team looks to finally be developing pitchers that can pitch successfully there with Kyle Freeland a Cy Young Award contender and German Marquez a budding star with exceptional peripheral numbers.

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