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MLB Playoffs - American League Division Series Odds

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American League Division Series Predictions - 2018 MLB Series Odds

MLB American League Betting Odds and PredictionsThe American League Division Series started in 1981 and in 1993 it became a regular part of the American League Playoffs. The Yankees have played in the most ALDS with 18 appearances, while the Houston Astros made their first appearance in 2013, as they had previously been in the National League.  From 1998 through 2011 it was the Wild Card winner playing the division winner with the best record unless the teams were in the same division. That changed in 2012, as the Wild Card winner plays the top division winner, regardless of if they are in the same division or not. The winners of the two ALDS games advance to play in the ALCS.

The ALDS is a best-of-five series with the team with the better record getting the home field advantage. It was first played in a 2-3 format but in 2012 it was changed to a 2-2-1 format, with the higher seeded team getting the first two games at home and game five at home.

The 2018 American League Division Series will begin in early October, 2018.

MLB - American League Division Series Predictions

Who will win the World Series? The 2018 MLB season opens Thursday, so it is a perfect time to take a look at projections for the MLB season. Take a sneak peak at how each MLB division-by-division race will play out, complete with win-loss record predictions for all 30 teams and full divisional analysis.

( American League Division Series Baseball Predictions )

American League Division Series (Since 2008) Series Result

2008 Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels Red Sox 3-1

2008 Tampa Bay Rays vs. Chicago White Sox Rays 3-1

2009 New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins Yankees 3-0

2009 Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox Angels 3-0

2010 Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays Rangers 3-2

2010 New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins Yankees 3-0

2011 Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays Rangers 3-1

2011 Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees Tigers 3-2

2012 Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics Tigers 3-2

2012 New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles Yankees 3-2

2013 Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland Athletics Tigers 3-2

2013 Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays Red Sox 3-1

2014 Baltimore Orioles vs. Detroit Tigers Orioles 3-0

2014 Kansas City Royals vs. Los Angeles Angels Royals 3-0

2015 Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers Blue Jays 3-2

2015 Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros Royals 3-2

2016 Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox Indians 3-0

2016 Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers Blue Jays 3-0

2017 Houston Astros vs. Boston Red Sox Astros 3-1

2017 New York Yankees vs. Cleveland Indians Yankees 3-2

Most ALDS Appearances

New York Yankees 19

Boston Red Sox 12

Cleveland Indians 9

Oakland Athletics 8

Texas Rangers 7

Los Angeles Angels 7

Bet MLB American League Division Series Odds

Bookmaker Baseball Betting Bonus

Betting on the MLB regular season is one thing, but for some of the most thrilling and potentially lucrative baseball betting you have to follow the MLB playoff series. When the best teams from each division reach the playoff stage of the season.

Online sportsbooks see an influx of baseball betting fans wagering every time the post-season arrives. In fact, some of the best online sportsbooks will offer futures before the regular season even begins.

This means that baseball bettors can take advantage of often lucrative odds prior to the start of the MLB playoffs in order to win big on a World Series prediction.

Keep in mind that these odds will change as the season progresses, and each team’s form changes. Our baseball odds comparison, will compare all of the top sportsbook's World Series Odds on an easy to read web page.

Our favorite online sportsbook for baseball betting is - At Bookmaker sportsbook you will always find offers various types of betting lines for every Major League regular season game, plus hundreds of futures and baseball prop bets.

MLB Playoffs Betting Example: The Rangers come in at -166 favorite against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cardinals were the underdog at +146. This means if you bet on the Rangers to win the series you will have to bet $166 to win $100.

If you wager on the Cardinals you will bet $100 to win $146.

Be sure to get your MLB Playoffs bets down early at Bookmaker Sportsbook, because the the American League Division Series games are here!

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ALCS Baseball Betting Odds and Predictions

The Major League Baseball season is down to it’s Final Four.

After a thrilling National League Divisional Series and American League Divisional Series, we move one step close to the MLB World Series.

The American League Championship Series pits two teams with fan bases starved for October baseball and with five teams considered as legitimate contenders, there really is no telling as to who will reign over the National League. It’s anybody’s game. Continue

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