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WNBA First Half Betting - Women Basketball Betting Spread

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WNBA Sportsbooks - 2019 Women's Basketball Spead & Predictions

The WNBA will tip off its 22nd season on Friday, May 18, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona and feature eight games on opening weekend.

There will be 204 games played over 94 days before the regular season ends on Aug. 19, that always leads up to an exhilarating playoffs.

The WNBA is not some secondary "feel-good" type of league. These ladies get down with the best of them.

Scoring in the WNBA is close to that in the NBA and most teams can score in the 90's and up.

Have you bet on the WNBA yet?

Some Las Vegas insiders have stated that the WNBA is a modern day gold rush.

In fact, some WNBA sports betting fans argue that the WNBA odds offer better value than the NBA odds because the lines makers devote less attention to setting the WNBA odds.

Bet WNBA Basketball Online

Bet WNBA Baketball OddsWNBA games receiving about twenty times fewer bets than the average NBA game. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored by bettors.

Betting on women's basketball has grown rapidly over the past few years. Basketball bettors looking for WNBA odds have increased dramatically and WNBA wagering has become one of the top women's wagering sports.

As the WNBA is set to embark on its 22nd season and the regular season games will begin May, that will run to August and the playoffs are set to be played in September.

An increasing number of players are looking towards the WNBA to fill the gap. Seriously. Better yet, many bettors are finding that the league is a profitable place to play. There are a number of televised games, which adds to its betting popularity, along with plenty of statistics available online for sports bettors to study.

With only 13 teams in all of the WNBA and only 35 games for each team to play all year long, betting on WNBA Basketball game lines can be a bit selective. The WNBA season is a little easier to win bets on as the league is divided unfairly with some really good team and the rest bad teams.

With the new WNBA betting season just around the corner, the 2018 betting WNBA season promises to be the best season yet.

There are all kinds of new faces in the WNBA odds this year and plenty of top quality rookies that will definitely have an immediate impact on the WNBA betting odds.

Anyone that enjoys betting on WNBA games will surely be rewarded for their efforts and the wagering WNBA opportunities this season should be the most competitive ever.

With so many players fighting for a spot among the WNBA rosters the competition in the WNBA betting world should be as good as it's ever been.

But it won't just be the new faces making a splash in the WNBA odds, the veteran stars will also be back in action looking to add to their legacy in the top professional league in women basketball odds.

August - WNBA Television Schedule
Thursday, August 2 Minnesota at Los Angeles 10:00 PM ET ESPN2
Sunday, August 12 Los Angeles at Phoenix 7:00 PM ET ESPN2
Sunday, August 19 Washington at Minnesota 7:00 PM ET ESPN2

WNBA First Half Bets

Looking for other Sports betting strategies that they can use to make money, WNBA first half bets have been very successful for some smart bettors.

How Do First Half Bets Work? - While most sports bettors concentrate on the full game lines in WNBA betting, first half lines might offer exceptional value for the smart handicapper. Your basic lines and totals are set for just the first half of the game and the outcome of the wagers will be decided after 24 minutes of play instead of 48 (or more in case of overtime).

The term “WNBA first half bet” refers to a style of wager that only takes into account the first half of the WNBA game. The process in which you go about placing this bet is the same process that you would use to place a full WNBA game, that only the first half of the basketball game is important to this particular basketball bet.

Most of the time, the first half odds will be slightly altered in comparison to the full game odds, and the totals will usually be cut in half. This bet is very similar to a halftime bet, but as you already know, halftime bets account for the second half of the game only.

Truth be told, you can make a First Half Bet on just about any sport that is split into two halves. However, the most popular sports to lay down a first half bet on are basketball and football – both at the pro and college level.

About the WNBA

There are 13 WNBA teams that play in two conferences, Western and Eastern. The WNBA regular season is played from May to August and the playoffs are played in September. The league is divided into two conferences.

Since 2006, there have been 6 teams in the Eastern Conference and 7 teams in the Western Conference. Each team plays a 34-game regular season schedule, beginning in May and ending in late August. The Western Conference teams play four teams in their conference 4 times each and play the remaining 2 teams 3 times apiece (22 games).

They play teams from the opposite conference twice each (12 games). The Eastern Conference plays all 5 conference teams 4 times apiece (20 games) and the Western Conference teams 2 times (14 games). The four teams in each conference with the best records go on to compete in the WNBA playoffs during September.

WNBA's All-Star Game Betting

The WNBA All Star Game was first played in 1999, which was just after the birth of the WNBA as a professional sports league. The game is typically played in July, and each year pits the stars of the Eastern Conference against the stars of the Western Conference.

WNBA Sports Betting Bonus

WNBA basketball betting is a very simple process. You could be making extra cash from WNBA basketball very quickly. You know that you are already going to watch these thrilling games so why not make it a little more interesting. Start WNBA basketball betting today and join the WNBA basketball excitement at Bookmaker Sportsbook

Live In Play Basketball Betting Online

In Progress Basketball BettingIn play sports betting allows NBA bettors to size up the basketball action before placing a NBA bet. Let's say there is a fitness doubt over a basketball team's star player and you want to see how he performs in the first quarter before placing a wager, live in play betting allows you to do just that.

This new type of basketball wagering allows NBA bettors incredible opportunity to bet on basketball plays live during the course of the game, and not to mention NCAA March Madness betting action.

Now, the basketball betting action can be non-stop, even after the first basket has been scored, basketball bettors can place a bet on the next play of the game, such as, the opposing team can steal the ball, or the offensive team can get a fast break, which will result in quick baskets. Continue

Gamblers Palace sportsbooks will provide you with all the WNBA basketball betting odds and online basketball betting information you need to bet on basketball. Compare the odds from other online bookmakers and you will see the best basketball odds for your WNBA Betting are at Bookmaker Sportsbook!

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