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Sweet Sixteen Basketball Odds - NCAA Sweet 16 Predictions

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NCAA Sweet Sixteen Basketball Odds - 2018 March Madness Predictions

Sweet Sixteen Tournament BettingWhen: March 15 - 18, 2018

The 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament starts to heat up, as College basketball fans jump into the thick of things with the final Sweet 16 teams.

The journey to the Final Four has began and the March Madness Sweet Sixteen basketball action will be at it's peak on Thursday, March 15 thru, March 18, 2018.

The second week of the NCAA Tournament is really the business week. Nets will be cut down at the end of it, but before we get to that point, we have to decide which teams will get into that coveted Elite Eight. The Sweet 16 is usually the round that separates the pretenders from the contenders.

Those rare double-digit seeds who snuck this deep into the field now have to take on a team who will have studied its work for a full week, and this is where dreams of becoming that next great Cinderella typically come to die.

The first day of the Sweet 16 tournament, March 15, will pit qualifying teams from the West & Midwest regions leaving the second day, on March 18, to those in the South & East regions.

NCAA Sweet Sixteen Basketball Previews & Game Predictions

Most basketball fans know that the first round of the NCAA Tournament is where all of the action is. Double-digit seeds pull off upsets all the time against teams that had legitimate chances to win it all, and at least one of those teams feels like it finds its way into the Sweet 16.

March Madness Basketball Tournament Predictions

The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is pure mayhem; games begin and end simultaneously, buzzers sound from TV’s, iPads, iPhones, and computers, celebrations are loud. And of course, defeat is inevitable for more than three-quarters of the field.

For the top 64 teams in College basketball, the stakes are at a all-time high, as the Sweet Sixteen turns into the Elite Eight, and, eventually the Final Four.

The matchups are always intriguing, and every single one of the players and coaches know that they’re playing for the name on the front of their jersey, competing for a spot amongst the heroes of March Madness who came before them.

( NCAA March Madness Basketball Predictions - Click Here )

Bet NCAA Mens Sweet Sixteen Basketball Lines

Bet on sixteen of the best teams in college hoops, playing in win-or-go-home fashion. By now, a number of pretenders have been eliminated from March Madness betting options and we're left with 16 teams in the NCAA tournament.

The upsets that occurred early don’t happen nearly as often in the Sweet Sixteen and the March Madness basketball odds will present different betting challenges than in the earlier 64 rounds.

Now the basketball betting action get even more intense as the oddsmakers put up the latest betting lines for next weekend's Sweet 16 matchups.

Betting on March Madness is one of the best times of year for a sports bettor. From the first round of 64 to the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and National Championship game, the wagering barely stops.

Bookmaker NCAA Basketball Betting Bonus

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NCAA Million Dollar March Madness Bracket Challenge

The NCAA basketball Tournaments offer some of the best basketball betting action of the year and for millions of college basketball bettors, it increases the excitement of the March Madness betting action even more by getting involved in NCAA March Madness bracket Contest.

The sportsbooks that offer free NCAA bracket contests and will offer some great prizes. So sign up today, as there will be millions of entries for most of these contests.

Bookmaker March Madness Bracket Contest

How does the March Madness Bracket Contest Work?

College basketball fans watch eagerly to see if their teams advance to the next round.

Points are awarded for each correct pick and the person with the most points wins their March Madness bracket prize; a pool of winnings based on the number of people involved and the amount each paid to play.

If you just want to play in the bracket tournaments and don't care about winning money, check out any of these contests and play for fun. Continue

Sweet Sixteen March Madness Basketball Tips

The Bookmakers have a pretty good feel for each team, along with extra time for their lines to be sharpened, as the majority of bettors won't place their wagers until the day of the game, so any value in the line is normally eliminated by the time the public gets around to betting.

First of all bettors, at this point, you shouldn’t even bother looking at any teams’ rankings, because they are just that, an imaginary number that the NCAA gave each team for tournament purposes based on their respective regular season records.

The rankings really don’t mean much at this point to anyone. Not to the coaches, most fans and certainly not the players. Making any wagers based solely on any team’s tournament ranking would be a huge mistake.

As you look at Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds you want to do the opposite of what you did in the early rounds. You want to look at the favorites first for the NCAA sweet sixteen basketball betting line and look for reasons to bet them.

The favorites definitely do better as the tournament progresses and the Sweet Sixteen March Madness odds will illustrate this fact. Look for the best teams to play well and advance. That is the best tip to remember when you are looking at the March Madness betting line for the Sweet Sixteen.

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