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Bet Islands Scam - SBR Supports Bad Sportsbooks

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Warning: Do Not bet at BetIslands!

( went deep into damage control yesterday as it was revealed was closing, stealing all customer funds in the process.

SBR Supports Bet Islands SportsbooksBetIslands is an online sportsbook that more than 80% of their active player base was referred by SportsbookReview (SBR) and staff. Unfortunately news broke days ago that this book went from SBR rated B to F in a single day and all players will be stiffed.

SBR’s response was verry discouraging to most of these users.

Bill Dozer Post - "We finally talked with everyone involved. Unfortunately this looks like it is about to end badly for players. This came to be because BI lost it's financial backer and the people left could not make it work."

SBR’s Bill Dozer says the clients bear the bulk of the blame: “A book sponsoring the forum is not a guarantee. Everything on the site, including the posters poll and discussions, is information for users to make their own decisions.”

Now sports bettors have been asking what happened to thier funds! BetIslands sportsbook essentially developed through the SBR brand. SBR helped promote contests, giveaways, and extremely favorable coverage on its forums and news wire to help build BetIslands. It has been estimated over 350 customers lost a total of $1.5 million in this scandal, a vast majority of those customers coming from SBR.

SBR has repeatedly refused to point out who it is that provided the financial backing for BetIslands, despite the fact that strong ownership was the reason for BetIslands miraculous rise in SBR’s ratings. BetIslands went from an ungraded sportsbook to a B rating (upper 10% of all sportsbooks according to SBR’s grading scale) in just over a year. “The owners of books aren’t always public and it’s not up to us to make it so,” said Dozer.

SBR has been exposed. Once seen as a light shining on Scumm Sportsbooks in the online gambling industry, they are now shown to have been pointing fingers all along.

Why Does SBR Rate B+ - It’s fairly reasonable to suspect SBR is paid to promote the sportsbooks they recommend.

Bet Online Sportsbook is an online sportsbook that perhaps receives more player complaints than any other.

If you were to view their information page at self-proclaimed industry watchdog you’d be unaware of their serious issues.

However, if you instead use, another website owned by SBR – this one with player generated content, you’ll find hundreds of negative experiences posted.

In fact, I encourage you to view this Google search. As you can see this company is certainly not very reputable. More...

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