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NFL Fantasy Football Predictions

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NFL Fantasy Football Sportbook Odds - 2018 Fantasy Football Predictions

NFL Fantasy Sportsbook OddsWe all pick a NFL football team to root for, but do you have what it takes to put your own team together? And a winning team at that?

In Fantasy Football you become the manager and the coach of your team, you select from the best in the NFL and each week you compete against other players. Anyone can do it, and you might just be good at it.

Fantasy sports have become an extremely popular pastime with tens of millions of sports fans around the world. Fantasy football is generally a season-long competition played by football fans in which participants draft their own team and compete with teams built by others. Individual game winners are determined by points accumulated by players based on their real-life performance in a game on the same day.

During football season, fantasy owners spend hours each week examining player statistics, evaluating their fantasy football teams and contemplating trades. Team owners hold extensive negotiations over even the smallest transactions in hopes that the hard work will payoff come game day. Once Sunday’s NFL games kickoff, fantasy players turn their focus to statistics in the day’s games, hoping to dominate their respective leagues.

NFL Fantasy Football Leagues

A fantasy league is usually comprised of 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 fantasy teams, each drafted and operated by a different contestant. Each contestant (owner) takes turns selecting players until all predetermined roster slots are filled.

Team owners are responsible for choosing a starting lineup for each game, signing replacement players, and making trades if they choose to do so.

At the end of the fantasy season, generally the final weeks of the NFL Football regular season, a playoff tournament will determine the league champion.

Fantasy Football History

Many people love the sport of football. More people love betting on it. With a very small percentage of people in this world owning the physical attributes necessary to play at the highest levels, fantasy football has served as a medium for novice and die-hard fans to get in on the action by being the team owner of a fake team.

The idea of fantasy football came about back in 1963 when Wilfred Winkenbach, Bill Tunnel and Scotty Striling laid the ground work for the idea. Later in the decade, the idea was spread quickly throughout Oakland and San Francisco based sports bars. The popularity of the game grew slowly but exploded in 1997 when CBS launched a beta version of its first free fantasy football website. Every other news outlet with and without acronyms then launched theirs to give fantasy footballers tons of variety.

Fantasy Formats

There are two widely utilized forms of the game. The first is season-long which has been around since the genesis of the game. In this version, you have a draft at the beginning of the season and draft a team of players that you will own that entire year unless you trade or cut them. The winner of the league is decided at the season’s conclusion if his team is the last standing or the team won the most categories.

The other form of fantasy football is DFS or daily fantasy which allows for you to draft a team over a shorter amount of time like a single day or one week. This has caught on like wildfire the last couple years due to the amount of money up for grabs. Sites like DraftKings and FanDuel are offering up multi-million dollar pots for single tournament prizes.

Both season-long and DFS games use similar scoring. Touchdowns are normally six or four points depending on if they were of the rushing or passing varieties. Rushing and passing yards are normally one point per 10 yards or 25 yards respectively. Bonus points are usually offered up for 100 yard rushing or 300 yard passing games.

Daily Fantasy Sports

There are all kinds of different DFS tournaments. You got GPPs – grand prize pool – that offer up the biggest cash prizes, but are also the toughest to win. There are also cash games where half of the contest entrants win a prize, and there’s also heads up contests where all you have to do is defeat the person you challenged or got challenged by.

But with DFS unregulated and a some stories coming out over the last year that made it seem like inside info was being taken advantage of, daily fantasy sports was outlawed in a number of states – including Texas and New York.

Each state looks to be taking a different approach to DFS on a legal front, but after the New York Attorney General just recently struck a deal to once again legalize DFS in his state, most other states will likely follow suit.

DFS Strategy

With fantasy football and betting on football very much so similar regardless of what anyone tells you, you can help your bottom line by utilizing info from both sports before placing wagers. DFS players are always looking for who is going to score the most points that day. A name mean nothing. It’s all about the value and targeting high scoring games.

With that the case, looking at the totals for every game to single out the high scorers from the low scorers is something that should be a part of your weekly fantasy football or DFS regimen. Drafting players on the waiver wire for the week or targeting players for DFS in those games is a money-making tactic that’s proven to be lucrative over time.

Bet on Fantasy Sports

Why not blend your love of fantasy football activity with your passion for online gaming. Gambling on NFL football is a national pastime, and fortunately the NFL endorses betting on fantasy football.

It is legal to place a bet on a fantasy team in many locations and leagues. Often the entry fees you pay to join a league go toward prizes at the end of the season. You can also bet on your own through a sportsbook in person, online or by phone.

What could be better than seeing your Fantasy Team crushing their opponent? Answer, winning your fantasy matchup and making some extra cash while doing it!

Looking for the perfect website for all your fantasy sportsbook and fantasy sports needs?

Bet on fantasy football without leaving the comforts of your own home. Simply signup for free at our top sportsbooks and see the outcome of your hardwork.

Still worried? The Sportsbooks that we list on our site offer 24 hour customer service for all any and all problems that may occur. We guarantee that each and every customer never puts down the phone or logs out without a resolution. This is how we take care and love our subscribers.

Bet NFL Fantasy Football Predictions Online

Bookmaker Fantasy Football BetsBet on weekly NFL Fantasy Football Game Matchup Lines!

Is Fantasy football your specialty and do you think you can predict the results on what players or teams will out preform each other in each game?

It's time to put the theory into play and win big at ;BookMaker Sportsbook offers up its own kind of fantasy football every week of the NFL regular season with its weekly head to head matchups between quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers. Two players are paired up against one another and whichever tallies the most fantasy points that week, wins.

Fantasy Football has taken the world by storm and Bookmaker Sportsbook offers various Fantasy Football player vs. player matchups point totals and group betting events for you to test your fantasy football knowledge. Just like standard point spread betting, you pick the winner against the spread, you win your bet!

Fantasy sports have become an extremely popular pastime with tens of millions of sports betting fans around the world and is getting to be more so every year. It seems like everyone has a fantasy team or two these days, and information is nearly as widely available as information about the NFL itself. Among the people who play fantasy football are inevitably many people who bet on NFL football as well.

There is no real reason why you can't do both, fantasy football is just another form of gambling for most people, anyway. In fact, in some ways playing fantasy football can make you a better sports bettor. If you aren't careful, though, fantasy football can have a negative impact on your betting. You really need to be aware of the problems it can cause so you make sure that it isn't causing those problems for you.

During football season, fantasy owners spend hours each week examining player statistics, evaluating their fantasy football teams and contemplating trades.

Team owners hold extensive negotiations over even the smallest transactions in hopes that the hard work will payoff come game day. In both fantasy games and betting, paying particular attention to match-ups where a player may have a breakout performance can be very beneficial.

The DO's

What Serious fantasy football bettor has to keep in mind. Every NFL season it is the same thing. There is one secret to a successful fantasy football season.

Home Work - Doing your research and knowing your players will make all the difference come game day. The injury bug will prove to be a huge factor between cellar dwelling and winning your player vs. player matchups.

Decide how much money you want to deposit into your new account with the sportsbook. There will probably be a minimum or maximum amount required to open an account and to wager. It helps to know how much you plan to gamble before you open the account.

Develop a betting approach over time. Be realistic with your expectations. Even seasoned bettors do not usually win more than 60 percent of their bets. By paying attention to statistics and betting carefully, you will improve your skill at making a fantasy football bet.

The DO NOT's

Don't bet on any game that involves your fantasy team unless you absolutely have to if you are unable to take the emotion out of sports wagering like the pros do.

Obviously, there are pick 'em leagues that require you to pick every game of every week so in some cases, it is unavoidable. In these situations, pretend your fantasy team doesn't exist. Bet with your mind, not your heart.

Never think a player is 'due'- Last year's Matt Forte owners know this well. You have a big-name player and he's underperformed all year long.

Don't convince yourself that this will be his breakout week and that will lead to a blowout victory for his team. Maybe it will and maybe it won't, but don't bet on a team because a player is 'due'.

Do Not Drink Before making your player vs. player matchup Picks

The last thing that often gets ignored is one of the most important things to remember. On draft day, if you have your draft in a bar, DO NOT DRINK!

I know that the two go hand in hand, however you tend to steer away from your cheat sheets and go with gut feelings instead of your head.

Instead buy a round or two drinks for the other owners. Drink your beer towards the later rounds. This does two things, first it makes you the nice guy and second it swings the advantage your way, which is always a good thing.

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