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NBA Draft Lottery Odds - 2019 NBA Draft Props

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NBA Draft Proposition Odds - 2019 NBA Lottery Predictions

NBA Draft Betting OddsWhen: Thursday June 20, 2019

Where: Barclays Center, New York

Broadcast: ESPN / 7:00 PM ET

With the NBA Championship in the rear-view mirror, the focus now shifts to the 2019 NBA draft, as fans eagerly wait for their favorite team to tab a potential franchise player, as there are some big names in the making for this year’s NBA Draft on Thursday, June 20 and it will once again be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

With more and more young stars entering the collegiate ranks year after year, there’s no telling who the top pick in the NBA Draft.

Mean while, serious basketball betting fans understand that what happens away from the court can have a massive impact on the fortunes of the teams in the NBA and this is why the NBA Draft is such an important factor in the NBA season.

Betting on basketball usually means wagering on games. However, a lot goes on during the off-season, and events like free agency, hiring and firing, and particularly drafts also present betting opportunities.

There are a number of bets you can place on the NBA Draft odds, so if you are looking to make some money during a quieter time of the NBA year or you are looking to showcase your knowledge of the NBA, this will be the ideal opportunity to do so.

The most commonly offered NBA Draft bet focuses on which player will be the first pick in the NBA Draft. This is a hot topic and there is a great level of interest in the player that is selected first. The first pick in the NBA Draft has a lot to live up to.

2019 NBA Draft Order

1) Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns have been in the rebuilding stage ever since Steve Nash departed town, and there aren’t a lot of gains expected in 2017-18. One thing that could change that? A trade for Kyrie Irving. The Suns continue to be a common name linked to Cleveland’s star point guard, and if the Suns make the move for him it could lead to a quick increase in wins. Continue

2) Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings are starting over. The team has had a tough time accumulating wins over the past several years and the playoffs continued to be unattainable. Stuck in mud again last year, the Kings shipped star center DeMarcus Cousins off to the New Orleans Pelicans, signaling a change in philosophy. Continue

3) Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta’s 48 wins last season was its third-highest total in the last 18 years. Unfortunately, they came right after the team set a franchise record with 60 the previous season. The decline in the win column and getting bounced from the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers for a second straight time forced the Hawks to make some adjustments to their roster that wasn’t able to contend as it was. Continue

4) Memphis Grizzlies

For a small-market team, the Memphis Grizzlies had a nice run over the past several years, continually making the playoffs and producing winning seasons. Defense has been the hallmark for this group and that will be its foundation once again in 2017-18. However, the wins have been harder to come by over the past few seasons and it remains to be seen if Memphis can turn it around with some fresh blood in the mix. Continue

5) Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki will soon be 40 years old and the rigors of the NBA are no place for a man that age. Dirk took a pay cut to come back for his 20th season with the Mavs and give it one last go at an NBA title. But the Mavs are coming off their worst season since Nowitzki’s rookie year and there doesn’t appear to be much in place to think a championship, or even a playoff appearance, are in store for the new season. It’s time the Mavs started thinking about life beyond Dirk and as sad as the thought is, it will be happening real soon. Continue

6) Orlando Magic

After winning fewer than 30 games for the fourth time in five seasons, the Orlando Magic once again shuffled its personnel. Not only is the roster going to look much different in 2017-18, the man putting it together is also new to his position. The team’s misguided approach to contend last season resulted in only 29 wins and as a result GM Rob Hennigan was relieved of his duties. The Magic were active in free agency and hauled in a decent catch with top pick Jonathan Isaac, but they need a lot of help to compete in the Eastern Conference and what they have now likely won’t get them to the postseason. Continue

7) Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have been a middling team under Fred Hoiberg and they snuck into the playoffs last season despite winning one fewer game than the season before. The team took a drastic turn this offseason when they dealt their best player, Jimmy Butler, in a surprising move for a modest return. They mostly sat out of the free agent market and have decided to take a run with a lineup of younger players and Dwyane Wade. This new strategy is unlikely to get the Bulls back into the playoffs, but management apparently has its sights set on the future. However, the present will be bleak. Continue

8) Cleveland Cavaliers (from Brooklyn via Boston)

For a team that’s made three straight NBA Finals appearances and won a title in the middle of them, there’s plenty of uncertainty surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just six weeks after the Cavs fell to Golden State in the Finals, Kyrie Irving requested a trade. It’s obvious Irving doesn’t want to be a secondary piece to LeBron James, but the Cavs had a nice run with them and Kevin Love making up the Big Three. The Cavs signed former MVP Derek Rose and the team will look vastly different heading into the 2017-18 campaign. But as long as they have The King, the Cavs will once again be a favorite to come out of the East for another Finals appearance. Continue

9) New York Knicks

Now that the Phil Jackson era is in the rearview mirror, the New York Knickerbockers can move along with the franchise rebuild and maybe become a contender in our lifetime. Jackson was a hell of a coach but his reputation as an executive took a severe blow during his time with the Knickerbockers. The team was the laughingstock of the NBA and the Garden became a circus when the Knicks were in town. As bad as things were during the 2015-16 season, that team won one more game than last season’s edition, and there’s a long way to go. Derrick Rose is gone and Carmelo Anthony likely won’t be around when the season begins, so the Knicks will be floundering at the bottom of the standings once again. Continue

10) Philadelphia 76ers (from L.A. Lakers via Phoenix)

The process started to show signs of paying off last season when the Philadelphia 76ers matched their win total from the previous two seasons combined. Still, however, 28 victories isn’t going to get a team into the playoffs, something the Sixers haven’t done in five consecutive years. But there is hope that an influx of young, raw talent will finally get the Sixers over the edge. The team will be adding a pair of No. 1 picks to the roster in 2017 with Ben Simmons ready to join Markelle Fultz, and Rookie of the Year candidates Joel Embiid and Dario Saric. Oddsmakers have taken notice and opened the Sixers’ win total at 40.5. Continue

11) Charlotte Hornets

It’s been all or nothing for the Charlotte Hornets over the last four seasons and they came up empty last season. They advanced to the postseason two seasons ago by winning 48 games, their most since the franchise was reincarnated for the 2004-05 season. But last season saw the Hornets slide back down the Eastern Conference standings, losing 12 more games than the year before and they were spectators again once the postseason rolled around. Charlotte actually outscored its opponents, which would indicate a better record, so it’s safe to assume a rebound season is in store for 2017-18. Continue

12) Los Angeles Clippers (from Detroit)

The Los Angeles Clippers are entering a new era, one that they wished didn’t happen. Nonetheless, the team will now have a new look after the departure of a perennial All-Star.

The loss of Chris Paul, who was traded to the Rockets this offseason, is a huge loss for the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul, at 32, is still one of the best point guards in the league and did more for the Clippers organization than any other player ever has in terms of production and promotion. He helped turn the club around but wanted out after the season to go play with James Harden in Houston. Continue

13) Los Angeles Clippers

14) Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets went another season without reaching the postseason, but they are getting real close. Stocking up assets through the draft, the Nuggets have steadily improved and posted their most wins in four seasons with a 40-42 record last season. To help expedite the process, the Nuggets landed a free-agent prize in Paul Millsap, who will serve as a veteran role model to the younger players on the roster while also adding more talent on the court. It’s no guarantee that the Nuggets will end their drought in 2017-18, but with a cadre of talent it’s hard to count them out. Continue

15) Washington Wizards

It took a while but the Washington Wizards finally got that elusive next division title. Behind one of the best backcourts in the NBA, the Wiz posted 49 victories, their most since winning that last division title way back in the 1978-79 season, and they return a core group that’s gotten them at least 44 wins and playoff appearances in three of the past four seasons. It took plenty of coin to keep John Wall and Otto Porter Jr. in our nation’s capital, but ownership feels strongly that the pair, along with Bradley Beal, is ready to bring a championship to DC. Continue

16) Phoenix Suns (from Miami)

17) Milwaukee Bucks

Since winning 52 games and advancing to the Eastern Conference finals in 2001, the Milwaukee Bucks have been a model of mediocrity. They’ve finished with a winning record just twice in that span and haven’t won more than 46 games in a season. They hit an all-time low three seasons ago with a franchise-worst win total, then rebounded with a .500 record the next year. Continue

18) San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have been one of the best teams in the NBA for years now, with five NBA titles under their belt. They are prepared to compete for another championship this season, and while they won’t be the favorites with the Golden State Warriors in the mix, the Spurs will again be one of the chief contenders. Continue

19) Atlanta Hawks (from Minnesota)

20) Minnesota Timberwolves (from Oklahoma City via Utah)

There was an opening and the Minnesota Timberwolves took it. With a chance to add talent around the already insane duo of Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, the Wolves looked to coach Tom Thibodeau’s old team and pried Jimmy Butler loose from the Bulls in a deal that cost them very little. And besides, what does Minnesota have to lose? The Wolves have been awful for awhile and they just added another All-Star and scorer to what could be a potent lineup. They haven’t sniffed the playoffs in 13 years, but they sure helped their odds with offseason acquisitions. The West will be a battle, but the Wolves have pieces to end the league’s longest postseason drought. Continue

21) Utah Jazz

The master plan finally came to fruition for the Utah Jazz last season, only to have it scrambled with one free agent signing. The Jazz began their rebuild process several years ago, drafting wisely and using free agency to their advantage. After being on the brink of the playoffs for several seasons, they finally broke through with a 51-win 2016-17. The youthful group grew up, overcame some injury issues and posted their most wins since Jerry Sloan was coaching. All the good vibes of a breakthrough year took a massive blow when Gordon Hayward decided to leave for Boston as a free agent. Utah acted quickly in filling the roster spot, but without their leading scorer, we could see the Jazz slide in the West in 2017-18.

22) Chicago Bulls (from New Orleans)

23) Indiana Pacers

In an effort to catch up with the front running Cavaliers in the East, the Pacers were one of the most active teams this offseason as Larry Bird has been on a mission to build a roster capable of playing his preferred up-tempo style. Indiana will have a new look in the backcourt and on the sideline following the dismissal of Frank Vogel after five successful seasons. Continue

24) Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers set themselves up for a decline last season and they obliged. With a retooled roster many thought the Blazers would be playing for a lottery pick two seasons ago. But they surprised everybody, won 44 games and stunned the Clippers in the first round. The expectations were raised heading into the 2016-17 season, but the Blazers failed to reach them. Sure they won 41 games and qualified for the playoffs, but so much more was expected. The backcourt of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum is one of the best in the game, but the frontcourt had problems. Having Jusuf Nurkic for a full season should help, as will a decent haul in the draft, but another decline could be in store this season. Continue

25) Los Angeles Lakers (from Cleveland via Portland and Cleveland)

Do not fear, Laker Nation, Lonzo Ball is here. The Los Angeles Lakers’ landing of the No. 2 overall draft pick has captivated fans both of the team and of the NBA. There is a bunch of hype surrounding the smooth-passing point guard as he enters his rookie season with the club. LaVar Ball, Lonzo’s dad, is also a key figure and it will be interesting to see if he becomes a distraction during the year. Continue

26) Philadelphia 76ers

27) Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are amassing assets like none other. They were the No. 1 seed in the East last season, had the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft this year, and they've got several future first round picks sitting in the hopper in the future, including one that could yield yet another No. 1 pick next year from Brooklyn. Yet the C's still feel like they're chasing the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference and are going to come up short for as long as LeBron James remains the best player on the planet. The window of opportunity is going to be open for a long time in Beantown, though, and Danny Ainge is clearly ready to strike to form another dynasty. Continue

28) Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have put together one of the most memorable runs in NBA history, and they don’t plan for it to slow down any time soon. The addition of Kevin Durant proved to be a magnificent move for the organization, which went virtually unchallenged on its way to its second title in three years... Continue

29) Brooklyn Nets (from Toronto)

In their attempt to “win now” the Brooklyn Nets mortgaged the future by sending three No. 1 picks to the Celtics for aging superstars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce a few years back. The ploy backfired and the Nets are paying the price. Still, they’ve been creative as they rebuild the franchise and have a plan in place. Things won’t change for the Nets, they’re going to be bad until their picks return in 2019, but there is a plan. Continue

30) Atlanta Hawks (from Houston via L.A. Clippers)

Top 10 Players

Deandre Ayton (Arizona) – Ayton looks to be set as the No. 1 pick and go to the Phoenix Suns.

Mohamed Bamba (Texas) - Bamba is a defensive beast and he has an unbelievable wingspan of 7-10. He is not expected to go No. 2, but he has the talent that teams may regret passing on.

Marvin Bagley III (Duke) – Bagley is expected to go in one of the top three picks, as he has more offensive skill than Bamba.

Luka Doncic (Slovenia) – It is always a risk to take a player who didn’t face great competition, but Doncic is said to be NBA-ready and he could go as a top five pick.

Wendell Carter Jr. (Duke) – Carter is not likely to go in the top three, but he is a safe pick, as he is smart and has solid skills.

Jaren Jackson Jr. (Michigan State) – Jackson is thought of as the one big man who could grow the most offensively and defensively. He isn’t ready now, but he could be great later.

Collin Sexton (Alabama) – A lot of teams have an interest in Sexton who is an aggressive scorer. He is likely to go somewhere in the top 10.

Michael Porter Jr. (Missouri) – The one player in this draft who is skyrocketing up the board is Porter. The question is his health. If the Kings are convinced he is healthy he could go No. 2.

Mikal Bridges (Villanova) – Another safe pick is Bridges, as he should be a very productive player in the NBA on the wing, as he can score and play defense.

Trae Young (Oklahoma) – Who knows what to make of Young? Is he the next Stephen Curry or will he be a bust?

Some team will probably take a shot at him early, perhaps in the top 10.

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