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NHL Stanley Cup Propositions - Hockey Props

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NHL Stanley Cup Props - NCAA Hockey Sports Betting Propositions

NHL Sportsbook PropsThis page displays Hockey Odds live and up to date for you. Each day during the NHL season this page will update and you will be able to see the daily NHL betting lines right here.

Not only does Gamblers Palace offer the best NHL match ups and National Hockey League live lines, point spreads, money lines and over under totals, but our top online sportsbooks, also offer the best NHL game props.

So if you are a sports bettor that likes to place a NHL bet, than no other online hockey site has better NHL prop bets for the entire NHL Season schedule.

So for all fantasy NHL players and sports gamblers, you can now place prop bets for all NHL conferences and divisions all year long (Atlantic Conference, Northeast Division, Southeast Conference, Pacific, Northwest and Central).

Online Hockey Betting Proposition

Hockey Props or NHL Propositions bets are additional betting opportunities offered on the game.

A prop or proposition bet is a sports bet with 2 or more outcomes that are not directly related to the final score of an event.

For example, in hockey, a bet on the first team to score is a popular prop bet or team to score first, total shots on goal, total game saves, time of first score etc. Most featured props are usually single bets only and always have posted odds for each outcome.

The types of ways to bet on Hockey are based on the puck line and totals.

When betting on Hockey, you will have 2 different ways to place bets (the puck line or totals).

We have given samples of each below so you can better understand the ways to bet on Hockey.

Hockey offers two different types of sports betting options: the puck line and totals.

The puck line works exactly as a point spread bet. If the favored team is listed at -11/2 then they would have to win the game by 2 or more goals for the bet to win.

Vice versa, if the underdog´s line is + 11/2 then they would have to lose by less than 2 goals for the hockey bet to win. The odds for the puck line is the standard 11/10 wager unless a money line accompanies the puck line.

Totals are also offered within hockey sports bets. All total bets are at 11/10 odds unless otherwise accompanied by a money line.

Parlay bets are combination bets which are offered within all the hockey betting venues. When you bet on hockey, the more games combined into one single wager, the higher the odds and the bigger the payout.

Parlays are paid out according to the money line of the sports teams bet on.

Stanley Cup Hockey Playoffs - NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

Who will get in to play for the Stanley Cup? No worries, Gamblers Palace has you covered with top NHL Stanley Cup contenders, not to mention NHL previews for each and every week.

The first puck of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will drop on April 11, 2018 and there will certainly be some exciting first round betting action.

Keep checking back for matchups featuring your favorite teams as the dates get closer and the regular season wraps up.

Let's take a look at the updated NHL playoff picture as of this week.

Stanley Cup Playoffs ATS Predictions )

Stanley Cup Odds

The 2018 NHL playoffs are a week away from hitting the ice, but some of the teams that will be in the postseason and most of the NHL Hockey Playoff Brackets are still up in the air. - More Stanley Cup Information Here!

NHL Sportsbook Bonus

Now you can place Hockey wagers on which NHL team will score first, which team will get a shutout, or which NHL team will score on a penalty shot or win the overtime shoot out.

Bookmaker Hockey Promo Bonus

Only at Bookmaker, can you get the best NHL prop bets all season long with the latest live betting lines for all NHL match ups, straight bets, and parlays.

Game must go at least 55 minutes for the following betting markets to have action, unless a team has already scored at the time the game is suspended. Overtime is included:

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  • 3. Place your bets and start winning. It’s that easy.

The NHL league - There is a total of 30 teams divided into 2 conferences, the West and the East. Each conference is divided into three divisions. The NHL consists of the regular season, which is from early October to late April, and the playoffs, which starts in late April. Only a total of 16 teams (8 per conference) will advance to the playoffs, the 8 teams with the most points in their conference will play each other for the ultimate hockey prize, the Stanley Cup.

Points needed to advance to the NHL Conference playoffs Teams are awarded 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss. In previous NHL seasons, there have been points awarded for ties, but this is no longer the case, Hockey game ties have been eliminated, If two teams are tied at the end of a (regular season) game, there is a 5 minute playoff where the first team to score wins the game.

If there is no goal by the end of the 5 minutes, there is a shootout. Each team picks 3 players to go one on one against the goalie and the team with the most goals at the end of that shootout is the winning team. If it is still tied, the shootout becomes sudden death (where if one team scores and the other misses, the scoring team wins the game).

The NHL Conference Playoffs Each playoff round consists of a 7 game series, the team winning four games advancing to the next round, the team losing getting kicked out of the tournament. A team must win a total of 4 rounds to be declared the Stanley Cup Champion. The first three rounds are against teams in your own conference, the last round is a championship series between the two conference winners.

Canada Sportsbooks - Top Canadian Betting Sites

Here at Gamblers Palace, we will assist you, when selecting Canadian sports betting sites, including how to identify established and trusted brands and how to ensure your deposits are secure once you have chosen where you want to play.

If you are from Canada and thought the only way to get closer to the NFL, NHL, NBA, or CFL action was to increase the size of your HDTV, think again.

Gambling online in Canada offers you way more legal thrills than you probably knew existed. By sports betting online, you can feel like you're smack down in the middle of the field, court, or ice. Continue

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